We've got emergency hair-care replacement suggestions for the dreaded time the airline loses your luggage


Alyssa—Type 2a

Thankfully this scenario has never happened to me, but if it did, I would freak out. I'm not someone who cries, but this just might make me shed lots of tears.

Because I used to straighten my hair every day and not worry about my curls, shopping for products at a grocery store is like visiting an old friend I haven't seen in a while. If you lose your luggage, you have to accept one thing: sulfates and silicones are going to be in these products. (That might be two things...)

I am unlike the other two curly girls in the sense that I need a shampoo. There is no way I could ever wash my hair with only conditioner and expect good results. Because of that, the first aisle I'm going to is the shampoo isle.

I loved Herbal Essence shampoo when I was straightening my hair, but they also have shampoo for curly hair. The Totally Twisted Curls and Waves Shampoo would be right up my alley because it smells great and it's something recommended for curls. Nothing too heavy, which is just what my waves need.

John Frieda Dream Curls

Next I would take a trip to the conditioner aisle. I tend to like a thicker conditioner so the Herbal Essence isn't quite enough for me. Pantene now makes a line of shampoos and conditioners for curly girls and I love their conditioner. It's a good thickness, without being overpowering, and it smells amazing. Smell is big for me. I would recommend the Dry to Moisturized conditioner to help you survive your trip.

Finally, I need something that is going to hold my wave throughout the day and help tame the frizz that can happen in unfamiliar weather. Without a doubt I would grab the John Frieda Dream Curls. I use this right after I get out of the shower and it takes my hair from waves to curls. It also helps keep away my frizz throughout the day. I love it. I know it doesn't have the best ingredients, but this is about survival! I am not going to walk around with my hair in a ponytail every day because I was scared to use some 'cones for a few days.

Now who has a microfiber towel I can borrow?

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