We've got some great ideas for giving your special occasion hairstyle some seasonal flair.

Get red or brown tones added to your hair color:


Every bride I have ever met gets their hair done before their wedding, and more than just styled. Several women touch up their color, add some highlights or lowlights, or even completely change to a new color to match the season. If you want to give yourself a new look while also embracing fall, add some reds or browns to your hair. An auburn as well as any red-browns are in style this season. Changing your color will give you a look that will not only be in style until the spring, but will also make your hair blend in perfectly with a fall-themed wedding.

Look for fall-themed hair pins:

Hair Pins

For up ‘dos, half up ‘dos and even an all-down look, several bobby pins are used to secure or complete the hairstyle. Consider using bobby pins that have a decoration like a leaf at the end of the pin. It will add a finished look to your style while also holding hair in place. You can also find them in several colors so you can match your wedding colors or add an accent.

Add a fall-colored flower:

Yellow Flower
Pressed Flower
Red Flower

A great wedding hair accessory that you can always add is a simple flower. If you’re having a fall wedding you can get flowers that are different oranges, yellows, reds and even some browns, then add one of those to your hair to finish the look. It’s a great way to give you a natural look while also adding some colors of the season.