three young women smiling and laughing with curly, coily and wavy hair

We all want and need a few tips and reminders about how to help your curly, coily and wavy hair be the best it can be. So, stay tuned this month for a daily dose of tips for happier, healthier curls, coils and waves!

31 Daily Tips:

  1. Cleanse your curls: 4 Tips for Washing Curly Hair
  2. Cleanse your coils: Tips for Cleansing Coily Hair
  3. Cleanse your waves: 3 Tips for Washing Wavy Hair
  4. Use conditioner on your curls: 3 Tips for Conditioning Curly Hair
  5. Use conditioner on your coils: How to Use Conditioner for Co...
  6. Use conditioner on your waves: 6 Tips for Conditioning Wavy...
  1. Detangle your curls: How to Detangle Curly Hair
  2. Detangle your coils: How to Detangle Coily Hair
  3. Detangle your waves: 4 Tips for Detangling Wavy Hair
  4. Deep Condition curls: How to Detangle Curly Hair
  5. Deep Condition coils: 6 Tips for Deep Conditioning Your Coils
  6. Deep Condition waves: 5 Tips for Deep Conditioning Your W...
  7. Handle curls with care: How to Handle Your Curls with Care
  8. Handle coils with care: 5 Tips for Preventing Coily Hair Brea...
  9. Handle waves with care: 3 Tips for Handling Wavy Hair with...
Natural aloe leaves oil and candles
  1. Moisturize your curls: 4 Ways to Moisturize Your Curls
  2. Moisturize your coils: How to Moisturize Coily Hair
  3. Moisturize your waves: How to Moisturize Wavy Hair
  4. Do a Hair Rinse: How to do a Hair Rinse for Healthy Hair
  5. Use oils for your curls: 5 Best Hair Oils for Curly Hair
  6. Use oils for your coils: 3 Hair Oils for Coily Hair
  7. Use oils for your waves: 4 Hair Oils for Wavy Hair
  1. Gently dry your curls: 4 Tips for Drying Curly Hair
  2. Gently dry your coils: 3 Tips for Drying Coily Hair
  3. Gently dry your waves: 3 Tips for Drying Wavy Hair
  4. Style curls with no or Low Heat: Low Heat Styling Tips for...
  5. Style coils with no or Low Heat: Low Heat Styling Tips for Co...
  6. Style waves with no or Low Heat: 5 No-Heat Styling Tips for ...
  7. Don't touch your Curls too Much: Keep Your Hands Out of ...
  8. Don't touch your Coils too Much: Don’t Touch Your Coils!
  9. Don't touch your Waves too Much: Keep Your Hands Off Yo...