Make a clean break from your bad curly hair habits!

We all want our curly hair to look great every day. But even with the best products in our bags, we can still damage our curls with bad hair habits. Here are a few that are worth breaking!


Timi Komonibo

I do twist-outs all the time...and find fairy knots all the time...I think twisting the hair downward can cause the ends to knot up at times...although I carry my scissors around (which is crazy alone) #4 drives me absolutely crazy!

How do braid outs and twist outs cause more fairy knots? I've been doing those styles to avoid fairy knots because I thought my wash n gos were causing them.....

I get two or more knots per strand sometimes! I bite my strands off, which I guess is better than snapping the hair or pulling it out... lol maybe. And single strand knots are not just for kinky curls--type 3s like me get them too!

OMG #4 I'm such a knot-seeker too. They are too much fun to root out and play with. I bought a really good pair of barber shears just for this job. Does anyone ever get two or more knots on one strand?

I am so guilty of number 4. I know I shouldn't but fairy knots drive me crazy and if my scissors aren't handy, I give in.