Avoid using these damaging frizzy-hair remedies at all costs!

Mist-er Right

Mist-er Right

Whether you love your curls, or you're trying to get there, you'll go through many ups and downs on your journey and do a lot of experimenting. But whatever you do, make sure you NEVER add these 5 things to your hair.

1. Hand lotion

As strange as it sounds, hand lotion is sometimes used to add a fragrance to curls and even used to tame frizz. For instance, when you run your fingers through your hair to remove extra lotion from your hands. Hand lotion has several non-fatty alcohols in it which can completely dry out every ringlet and cause severe hair breakage.

If you really want to add a little scent to your hair and boost your curls, try DevaCurl Mist-er Right. It’s a great lavender-scented in it for a great smell.

2. Eggs

Eggs are common ingredients for homemade deep conditioning treatments, and can be very beneficial. However, some of the deep treatments work best if you use some sort of heat after you apply it. If you see a recipe that calls for egg and then tells you to use heat, don’t do it!! You will end up with little cooked pieces of egg all throughout your hair and that is nothing less than a disaster.



3. Chemicals that straighten or perm

I’m positive you have heard this before, but again, stay away from them! Many straightening treatments (relaxers, perm solutions, Brazilian blowout treatments) contain dangerous chemicals that may be highly irritating or even cancer-causing, including formaldehyde. Changing up your texture or curl pattern is often tempting, but instead of turning to chemicals, gravitate towards something that your curls can easily bounce back from.

Want more curl or a different curly pattern? Try Curlformers. They don’t require any heat and you can use several different sizes for several curl patterns. Want to straighten? Find a straightener with a lower heat that still does the job, and also use a heat protectant before you straighten. Another new product that is becoming even more popular is the John Frieda 3 Day Straight. After you use this product your curl comes back like it never left.

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Alyssa Hawkins

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Is it ok for me to use a paddle brush for detangling, or is any brush except the denman brush unacceptable? I have 3c hair

yup, i'm pretty sure those would be my top 5 as well, although the brush would definitely be #1!