Christmas is on its way! Starting a natural hair journey and up keeping natural hair can be a lot to deal with, but there are so many cool tools that can make your life easier, and I have put together a list of 7 treasures you or your natural curly loved one will adore this holiday season.

1″> Q-Redew Handheld Steamer

If you have the capacity, one of these make a great solution for dry, broken hair. A steamer will do so much more for your hair than a deep conditioner can. The two together work like magic as the steam allows the treatment to penetrate fully into your strands giving your hair maximum moisture. This steamer is handheld, which is great for curly hair (you can get deep into your thick roots and are not restricted unlike the steamers with a hood”>.

2″> Hot Head Thermal Haircare Deep Conditioning Cap

A favorite of mine, this cute bonnet is full of magical natural flax seeds that warm up–this means wireless deep conditioning sessions. Throw it in the microwave for 1-2 minutes, apply your deep conditioner cover with one or two of the provided shower caps and add the ‘hot head’ on top. Simple!

3″> O So Curly Pillowcase

This is something we all should have. This accessory saves you from waking up in the middle of the night searching for your headscarf! It is a satin pillowcase that acts as two in one–one side is black and the other is white, so you can switch it up.

Available from the O So Curly website and ships worldwide.


This is an alternative for the ‘on the go’ naturals. Have a protective style and no time to take it down? It’s fine–SLAPS (satin lined caps”> have the solution throw on the satin lined and keep it moving. They come in many different colors to suit your fancy and keep your hair In tact.

5″> TIANA Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

A curly girl’s dream! I know I would be ecstatic to receive one of these bad boys. Such a simple but much appreciated gift. The benefits of coconut oil are endless, from skincare to haircare. This tub will give you everything you need, and you can get your hands on one of these giant tubs at a local health store.

6″> Curlformers

On your natural hair journey? Want a change but do not want to bring out the tongs! Try Curlformers these tools are a heatless way of manipulating your curl texture; they have a bunch of different curl styles and kits to suit your needs. A great gift for Christmas and a must have for the party season.

7″> Denman Brush

Perfect gift for someone who doesn’t enjoy detangling! The Denman brush can be altered to your liking and is so smooth on natural hair when used whilst the hair is wet. It is also so affordable and widely available in most local drug and beauty stores.

What’s on your natural hair gift list this Christmas?


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