Hello, NaturallyCurly Community! It’s Nina Sultan here. Today I am going to share with you my travel curly routine.

So typically whenever I travel I like to attempt to do so as lightly as possible. If I brought all the products I use normally my bag would weigh 100 pounds as to why I usually cut my normal routine in half. The only substantial thing I like to bring with is my hair dryer and diffuser but transfer all of my relevant products into their respective travel size containers. The following is my standard travel routine when I am on the road.


On the go I co-wash my hair much more often than using a sulfate-free cleanser. If I end up using a shampoo at all I bring a couple of sulfate-free sample packets -- I have accumulated a bunch of these over the past couple months as they have become a convenient traveling accessory! They are also a great excuse for me to try out different products without them adding weight to my bag.


For my styling routine I typically use a 2-in-1 styling product like Bounce Curl Light Crème Gel. This is a product I will squeeze into a smaller bottle to take along with me on my trips. I love this product because it is good for keeping my curls moisturized and defined at the same time. The only other product that I like to bring is my Ouidad Mongongo Oil. I like this oil because it acts as a heat protectant, finishing oil, and makes my curls appear shinier and feel softer. Additionally, this oil is great for the beach or trips that cause me to get a ton of sun exposure.

Other items:

In addition to my products, there are a couple of other essential items that I bring with me on my traveling excursions. First, is my satin pillowcase. I like to bring it along because often hotels or other places usually just have cotton pillowcases and therefore, if I were to just use those would make my hair crazy in the morning. The satin pillowcase I have fits over almost any pillow and keeps my curls manageable while I travel.

Another item I like to bring along is my Cricket Ultra Smooth Hair Pick CombIt is a light and helps me easily be able to achieve the big volume I’ve been desiring lately. I also bring my standard t-shirt to be able to plop and gently dry my curls so I don’t have to use a plain towel and worry about damaging or frizzing up my hair.

Last but not least, I bring my hair dryer and diffuser. I love having big hair and knowing that I can diffuse the heat without giving myself substantial heat damage through using a hair dryer without one.

To sum it up: travel light but effective.

I do this to avoid having to carry heavy bags.

What does your travel routine look like?

Do you like to bring a bunch of products or do you like to cut down your routine like I do? Let me know in the comment section below!

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