Consider trying balayage; an awesome way to highlight that is growing in popularity.


With the new year right around the corner, I know many of you are getting restless with your hairstyle. It's OK to admit it and it is definitely OK to change things up a bit. One of the first things women turn to when looking for a change is color. It's a quick fix for your boredom, and can easily be changed to many other colors.

The first time I put color in my hair was when I was 18, and it was only highlights. Up until then I had never done a single thing to my hair to change the color or even add a little oomph. My hair was always getting lighter in the summer and darker in the winter so I didn't see a point on spending money when I could just wait until the seasons changed. However, that was all while I was straightening my hair.

Now that I wear it wavy 95% of the time, my waves sometimes need a little help standing out, and that is where balayage comes in. (WARNING: The following information is all technical. If you know what Balayage is, feel free to skip this.) Balayage is a type of highlight that creates a very natural-looking color with hardly any grow out. The word balayage if French for "to sweep" and that is how the stylist applies the color. Many stylists use a brush to apply the color lightly at the root, and heavier at the tip of your hair. The light amount of color at the root means very little grow out. There is no foil used for these highlights, and you leave the salon looking like your curls have been sun kissed.

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Wave On/Alyssa Hawkins

After heaps of research (and some failed experiments) I finally got my hair balayaged yesterday, and it looks awesome! It even cost me less than foils in a "cheaper" salon would have!