Carol's Daughter just launched a new line of products made especially for curly, wavy and textured hair! This collection of restorative and hydrating hair products claim to give curls a new bounce, shine and better definition. The collection will be sold exclusively at ULTA stores nationwide and I was lucky enough to test the products out to review!

Carol's Daughter says that  "Lush curls inspire envy and awe on good-hair days, but unfortunately, once they start misbehaving, they quickly become dry, brittle, and utterly unmanageable. To pamper your curls and train them to spiral into long-lasting perfection, Carol’s Daughter has used the super-softening, rich Murula Oil in this new Marula Curl Therapy Collection. This rare ingredient, harvested in Madagascar, has been used by women there for more than 12,000 years to deeply nourish and make curls easy to manage. Each therapeutic product in the Marula Curl Therapy Collection is formulated to deeply rejuvenate each curl so they are trained to always be soft, shiny and beautifully free."


Upon researching Marula Oil, I learned the oil is extracted from a fruit that grows on trees only in Madagascar and Southern Africa. Marula Oil has high levels of anti-oxidants including Vitamins E, A and C. The oil actually contains four times as much Vitamin C as an orange! It is also packed with Omegas which help deeply hydrate and nourish the hair. The Marula Oil in these products are said to help restore moisture and condition curls and waves that move and bounce.

Aside from Marula Oil, all of these products have Rose Oil which soothes frazzled curls and waves for improved softness and manageability, Manuka Honey which intensely conditions curls and waves for easier detangling and styling, and Almond Oil to deeply rehydrates curls and waves for glossy shine and flexibility.


As far as scent is concern, I AM OBSESSED. I have a particularly picky and somewhat sensitive nose so how products smell is a big deal for me. I can't get my nose out of these bottles!!! All of the products have such a delicious delicate fresh scent that I can describe of a mix between baby powder and roses. Though not overwhelming, it is perfumey but I don't mind it!! The smell doesn't linger too long in my hair once it is dry.

Now for the products:

Marula Gentle Cream Cleanser, $18.00

What They Say:

Start taming your curls by pampering them with this rich, gentle cream cleanser. Packed with conditioning Manuka Honey, this cleanser nourishes hair for easier detangling and styling. Marula Oil moisturizes and conditions hair for lively curls that move and bounce, and Rose Oil calms frazzled curls and waves to improve softness and manageability.

What I say:

This is more of a cleansing conditioner VS a shampoo as it is very rich and does not lather at all. I don't mind the lack of lather and I like the lack of sulfates! It was easy to distribute through my hair and I was able to finger detangle a bit with it. I massaged it in my scalp and through my lengths, even concentrating on the ends for the frizz. It had great slip and when I rinsed it my hair felt clean but also nice and hydrated. I really like this cleanser!!

Marula Softening Hair Mask, $24.00

What They Say:

Give your hair the extra moisture it needs with this rejuvenating hair mask packed with rich Marula Oil to instantly restore and soften curls. Rose Oil calms crazy curls and waves, while nourishing Shea Butter deeply rehydrates each and every strand for covetable gloss and shine.

What I Say:

This product shocked me. I received a small jar of it and didn't think it would be enough for my uber dry, long hair but not only was it enough- I still had some left after one use! It must be concentrated because a little goes a long way and I do NOT scrimp when applying conditioners to my hair. I was able to finger detangle and this mask had excellent slip. It's perfectly thick- the right consistency to mush into my locks with no trouble. I left it on a half hour with a shower cap and when I rinsed it out, my now completely tangle free hair appeared to have more shine and felt suuppppeeerrrrr soft! Between how quick it detangled, how soft it left my hair and the smell from heaven, this mask really was like therapy for my curls. I wish I had enough left to give it a second go using heat or my steamer, because the way this performed just living in my hair for a half hour I can only imagine what it would do with the addition of heat or steam!

Marula Softening Serum, $18.00

What They Say:

This nutritious blend of hair-softening oils leaves you with glossy, well-behaved spirals that make any style easy to perfect. Restore your hair’s natural moisture with star ingredient Marula Oil and soothe frizzy curls with Rose Oil to make them soft and ultra-manageable. Deeply rehydrating Almond Oil gives you glossy shine and ultimate style flexibility.

What I Say:

This is a versatile Oil Serum that can be used in various ways. I slept with it in my hair as an overnight pre poo treatment one night and my hair truly felt softer after about 5 minutes. I also will use a little bit on day 2 or 3 hair to help frizz and add back some shine. I did try using this as a sealing oil on my wet hair after applying styling products, but it wasn't a win for me as a sealer (my hair likes argan or coconut oils to seal) This serum is lightweight and feels slick on my skin. I also have been rubbing some into my nail cuticles throughout the day and it leaves me hands soft and delicious smelling.

Marula Diffusing & Styling Lotion, $20.00

What They Say:

Control your curls while keeping them soft and defined with this creamy styling lotion. Conditioning Marula Oil and moisture-enhancing Almond Oil leave hair hydrated, healthy, and super shiny. Vegetable Protein adds supreme definition to curls and waves for perfectly styled hair that is never stiff or dry.

What I Say:

I don't diffuse my hair unless it is usually freezing and winter time so I can't really speak for how well it works with a diffuser. Having lightened color treated hair, I like the fact this lotion has protein in it to restore my damage.  I used this on my wet hair after showering and applying a leave in. Consistency wise, it is not super runny like a lot of milks but it also is not super thick like say a pudding or cream. It's right in the middle which I find perfect for applying to my wet hair section by section. My waves did have nice definition and they felt soft, but there was still a bit more frizz than I cared for. My hair usually doesn't perform its best using only lotions on wet hair with no gel over it, so I was honestly not completely surprised at this. It would make a nice lotion to use under a gel since there was minimal hold. Maybe a Curl Therapy Gel will be released in the future?

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In conclusion I was pretty impressed and happy with the new Marula Curl Therapy Line by Carol's Daughter.  The products are nourishing and hydrating, yet also made my hair somehow feel lighter! I liked the softness, shine and curl definition but they did not rid my hair of frizz completely. I think these are a good option for all kinds of curls, even finer haired people who may usually get weighed down.  It is important for me to mention that for those strictly following the Curly Girl Method, these are not CG approved products.

This post is sponsored by Carol's Daughter.