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Heidi Stevens is a regular columnist for Chicago Tribune, who is known for captivating lifestyle news pieces. However, as of late her naturally wavy hair has been upstaging her work. Stevens, who receives a ton of criticism for wearing "uncombed hair" in her "Balancing Act" column headshot, finally addressed the hate mail she has gotten since June (when she changed her author photo). Examples of reader comments include ones like this: "Your picture instills not one iota of a knowledgeable person.” Another suggested that the author “shoot your hairstylist.”

Your picture instills not one iota of a knowledgeable person." Another suggested that the author "shoot your hairstylist.

"Each one takes me aback," says Stevens to Today in regards to the negative comments. "Not because my hair is above reproach, but because my hair is completely beside the point." The feedback fueled Stevens to write a piece for the Chicago Tribune titled "Hate Mail Lesson: Uncombed Hair Threatens The Natural Order." In it, she addresses the struggle of being accepted as professional and taken seriously based on her hair's natural state. Her follow-up piece "...Readers Weigh In On My Hair" sparked even more reader commentary and emails, but Heidi remains unmoved. According to Latina.com, Stevens told local Chicago radio station WGN that she would not give in to critics by changing her photo. "It's not Glamour, it's Tribune. We're not talking about how we look, we're talking about issues, news, and topics." 

Heidi Stevens, we support you.

Do not change your headshot--you are absolutely right. Your waves should not be the focal point of your work, and your wavy hair is beautiful anyway! #GoHeidi