Having curly hair is amazing. On most days we are madly in love with our curls, coils, and waves and can’t get enough of them. On other days…well, we have bad days too. Some of the worst are consumed with finding the right product for the right style, weather, or mood, and unless you have unlimited amounts of cash, you have to limit your spending and try to remember all the barely used items under your bathroom sink collecting dust. What’s a curly girl to do?

Well, with the new wave of love for the curly girls, Fredrica Antwi, Founder and CEO of Locks of Curls, came up with the idea for curly girls to try new and exciting products without breaking the bank. We caught up with her (she’s super busy being a senior at University of Maryland and a CEO!”> to find out more about her service and her hair.

Can you briefly describe how Locks of Curls works for the subscriber?

Locks of Curls is a customized subscription service of hair styling products designed for people with naturally curly hair.

When the customer first signs up for the subscription, they fill out a customer hair profile which allows them to input characteristics of their hair, such as curl pattern, hair length, and typical issues they face with their hair. This allows us to create a custom box of hair products recommended just for that customer.

What prompted you to start?

When I first went natural, I would spend several hours a week trying to figure out what products would work for my hair. I would spend so much money purchasing products, but at the end of the day, they would end up in a cabinet somewhere unfinished.

I wanted to come up with an exciting way for people to experiment with hair products without having to shell out too much money, while also being able to find the products that worked for their hair.

How does your education in accounting and finance figure into your business?

With a background in accounting and finance, planning a budget and figuring out revenue and expenses came easily to me. I was able to figure out the ideal price point to cover my expenses and receive a profit. In general, being in the business school has allowed me to think logically and rationally when it comes to the logistics of Locks of Curls.

What brand names are featured in the subscription?

Currently we have samples from Mixed Chicks, Oyin Handmade, and are awaiting shipments from a few other companies. We are currently looking for more suppliers, from large companies to startups. We strive to help the customer find the best products and help the suppliers get their name out there. 

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