briogeo hair line

Briogeo is a Natural Hair Care Company that contain pure, premium and natural ingredients that help to enhance all hair textures. These products are always made in the USA and are at least 95% natural, containing no sulfates, parabens, silicones, or anything icky but do include blends of natural plant and fruit extracts, oils, antioxidants and vitamins to really have you notice a difference in your hair.

Being a product junkie who really likes more natural stuff and doesn't like sulfates or non water soluble silicones, I was super excited to give this line a try.

Something else I really appreciate about this company is that they are eco-friendly! All of their bottles contain at least 25% post consumer recycled plastics. And by the way, a little goes a long way with all these products so the bottles will last and they all smell INCREDIBLE- very fresh and delicious!!

Be Gentle, Be Kind Cleansing Shampoo

The label says: "A sulfate-free cleanser for all hair types. Richly cleanse and refresh your scalp and hair with Be Gentle, Be Kind™ sulfate-free shampoo.  This award winning shampoo is fortified with green tea antioxidants, nourishing and shine-enhancing bamboo & palm extracts, soothing aloe, and vitamins B5 & E to give your hair the healthy boost needed to look its best.  Naturally-derived cleansers leave your hair soft, clean, and manageable.  Cleanse your hair with love -- Be Gentle, Be Kind."

I say: It had a little lather which is perfect.

Too much lather I associate with sulfates and it scares me. This shampoo left my hair feeling nice and clean, but not squeaky clean or stripped. It didn't leave my hair feeling dry but it had that feeling where I still needed to follow up with a good conditioner after. So to me this is nice, true shampoo product as opposed to a cleansing conditioner. I think it is a great alternative to more harsh, clarifying shampoos. I like to use it once a week to 2 weeks to really get rid of build-up. Bonus is I think using this helps my blonde become less brassy.

Blossom & Bloom Volumizing Conditioner

The label says: "Thickening and volumizing conditioner for fine to limp hair. Enhance your hair's volume and thickness with Blossom & Bloom™ conditioner.  This powerhouse conditioner is fortified with plumping collagen, thickening building-block vitamins B5 & biotin, hair follicle stimulating ginseng, and shine boosting argan & sweet almond oil.  Maltodextrin (yeah, sugar!) coats and separates each strand to increase the volume and fullness of the hair without sticky or stiff after effects.  Leave thin & limp hair behind as you Blossom & Bloom!

I say: Truth be told, I don't necessary look for or need products that promise me volume. However what attracted me to this conditioner was how so many ingredients in here are  great to feed my hair! I actually mixed this in with the Don't Despair, Repair Mask and I felt this product contributed to a crazy amount of shine! I think this conditioner would be wonderful for very fine and thin haired curlies (and all hair types) who get nervous about conditioners weighing their hair down. It did not feel heavy or thick at all, but still did a nice job conditioning. I wouldn't repurchase this and not because I think it is a bad product, but because I am in love with the mask and other conditioner from Briogeo that suit my hair a bit better.

briogeo curl charisma

Curl Charisma Curl Defining Conditioner

The label says: "Hydrating curl definer for curly to wavy hair.

Define, de-frizz, and enhance your curls with Curl Charisma™ conditioner, specially formulated for curly to wavy tresses.  This super-conditioner is fortified with frizz-deterring rice amino acids, ultra-hydrating rosehip & sweet almond oil, moisturizing shea, and shine-boosting rosehip oil.  Mollis leaf and tomato fruit extract help to ensure consistent curl formation and highlight the texture and form of each curl, boosting the vibrancy and liveliness of your hair.  Treat your curls to naturally-enhancing performance ingredients that bring out your own Curl Charisma!"

I say: First off, I think it is so cool there is tomato in this conditioner! I never heard of tomato being used in a hair product before but I learned on Briogeo's site that it is good to help encourage curl formation and has nourishing & conditioning properties. This conditioner is AMAZING!! I never want to be without it now. It is a multi-tasking product for me. My hair is curly wavy, color treated and genetically super dry. I usually deep condition every time I wash and regular conditioners are just not heavy or moisturizing enough for my long locks. Well this isn't an ordinary conditioner, this is something special. For something not considered a hair mask or treatment, it is nice and thick and treatment like. I used it after cleansing and styled as usual and it performed so well!! Made detangling effortless. It is very moisturizing, added shine and increased my curl definition.

What also made me happy is this conditioner made a nice noticeable difference in my frizz! Especially now that the weather is becoming hotter and more humid, frizz becomes a big issue for me. It didn't take 100% of my frizz away (nothing short of a miracle can) but it reduced it A LOT. My favorite way to use this as a leave in conditioner after washing, because just like when I used it as a regular conditioner, I find it really does help my curl definition and helped my frizz factor. I also sometimes will mix it water or aloe vera juice and use it as a second or third day refresher. I picked that tip up on one of Briogeo's social media outlets and love it. It helps my curls re-pop and calms my hair down. This is an absolute repurchase!

Don't Despair, Repair Deep Conditioning Mask

The label says: "Repairing mask for dry, damaged, or chemically-treated hair.  Repair and treat dry, damaged and/or breaking hair with Don't Despair, Repair!™ deep conditioning mask.  Fortified with ultra-hydrating avocado, sweet almond & argan oils, strengthening keratin protein, power-conditioning rosehip oil, soothing aloe, and super hair-essential vitamins B5, D, A, E and biotin.  This unique complex of targeted ingredients helps increase hair elasticity and moisture to prevent breakage, promotes healthy shine and luster, and replenishes strength.  From hot tools to chemical treatments, we can all use some hair TLC, so Don't Despair, Repair!"

I say: HOLY GRAIL. If you told me I can only use one mask or conditioner for the rest of my entire life and this was the one, I would be okay with it. I just can't get enough of this mask. After trying it out I realized I never want to be without it and currently have multiple back-ups in my stash. Yes, it is THAT good! As much as I enjoy the other products, this is my favorite product by Briogeo and one of my favorite hair treatment masks EVER. I have been using it once a week, and sometimes twice for about two months now. Using this mask I feel I have a safety net to have good hair days, even if I experiment with different styling products afterwards.

I can leave this on 5 minutes or I can leave this on an hour. Of course, the longer the better but even if you are short on time just a brief moment with this magical hair elixir will do your hair some good. This is also a mask that gives me results if I just leave it on with a shower cap, if I use it with heat or if I use it with my steamer. Like all the conditioners in this line, this mask gives me some serious shine. I'm blonde and shine is not easily achieved.

Also just like the Curl Charisma, it also helps me to detangle very easily. I love that DDR has both moisturizing and reparative properties in it. My hair as I mentioned is so very dry and this mask leaves it feeling super soft and manageable. I have to force myself to not touch my hair much after because too much touching leads to frizz, but man it is difficult. Day one hair my blonde curly waves look fake in the best way possible. Usually day is my hair is a bit too fluffy but not with this. Day 2 and 3 my hair looks even better. The Briogeo website says DDR is specially formulated to decrease hair breakage and brittleness, as well as increase hair strength and vitality. I actually am noticing less shedding after using this mask consistently so that is a big plus.

This mask currently comes in a 5.25oz jar. I dream of them releasing it in a vat but until then I like that I can get 4 uses out of this size. With most masks I would be lucky to get 2 uses out of 5oz because of how much and how long my hair is (and I never skimp on the amount I use) If you have hair, give this mask a try. Especially if you chemically altered your hair in any way including color or chemicals, or if you love using hot tools.
To Sum it Up

Overall the Briogeo line truly impressed me. I hope they release styling products in the future as I would love to see them take on a great gel and foam mousse. I really like, as they have a lot information about their products and what each ingredient inside of them does! But I prefer to purchase them on

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