curly hairstyle for prom


When prom season rolls around, every girl wants to be glamorous. It’s all about the hair, nails, makeup, and of course the dress. You already have a list of stores you plan to visit and a friend that can beat your face to oblivion, but where does a curly girl go if she wants her hair snatched but without the straightening? Going to a salon can be daunting if you want to wear your hair curly and the stylist is either inexperienced with your texture or pressures you to straighten your hair. Who better to trust with your curls than yourself? Leyla from Luxy Hair has created an Easy Updo for Naturally Curly Hair tutorial that gives you an elegant updo in a matter of minutes. All you need is bobby pins.


Bobby pins


  1. Begin the style on freshly washed hair that is 80%-90% dry for more body and reduced frizz. Styling hair that is completely dry hair has a tendency to induce frizz.
  2. Create a side part at the front of your hair.
  3. Grab a two-inch section along the front hairline and create a loose two-strand twist. Once you have reached the ends, pull the twist toward the back of the head and fasten to your roots with a bobby pin.
  4. Repeat the same step with the hair sectioned on the other side of the part.
  5. Continue to take two-inch sections along the hairline on both sides of the parts and repeat the first two steps until all of the hair along the hairline is twisted and pinned toward the back. 
  6. Take the remaining section at the nape, create a two-strand twist, tuck it under, and secure with a bobby pin.

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