NaturallyCurly: When did you start embracing your curls?

Diane: I have been back and forth with embracing my curls my whole life. Sadly, I did go through a phase of wanting pin straight hair and my poor hair suffered with relaxers. For the last three years or so I have truly been loving and enjoying my curly waves!

Have you received any negative comments about your hair? How do you respond?

Diane: A few people do say they think I look better with straight hair, but luckily most people do like my curls better! I just say “thanks” to those who think straight hair looks better.

What’s your daily hair routine?

Diane: It depends on if it’s a wash day or not. Wash day is usually twice a week. I use a shampoo or co-wash followed by a deep treatment. My hair is colored and really dry so it likes a lot of deep treatments! Once a week I deep condition with steam or heat. Then, I apply a leave in, Living Proof Prime Styling Extender, Living Proof Restore Targeted Repair Cream, Devacurl B’Leave In, Jessicurl Spiralicious Styling Gel, and seal with argan oil. It sounds like a lot, but I am only using all of these products twice a week. I apply each product in sections and then plop with a Curl-ease Towel while doing my skin & body care routine in the bathroom. On non wash days I refresh using the Q-Redew, Jessicurl Awe Inspiraling Spray, and an anti frizz serum. Sometimes I’ll apply a leave in if my hair is really dry. 

What’s your nighttime routine?

Diane: I pineapple my hair and cover it with a satin bonnet. I also have a satin pillowcase for added protection. During the winter or when my hair is really dry, I will use a spray like the  SheaMoisture Yucca and Baobab Thickening Moisture Mist for added moisture overnight.

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