Emily Grace shares tips on products for wavy hair and being a teen vlogger.

NaturallyCurly: When did you start embracing your curls?

Emily: I have always worn my hair curly, but I started liking and embracing my curls a lot more in the last year or two. I love having wavy hair because it's different from everyone else and I usually get quite a few compliments on it. You can always make wavy hair straight, but you can't make straight hair look naturally curly, so I really like it. The reason I embrace my natural waves is because it's a lot easier, and it doesn't damage your hair. Also, I really do just love wavy/curly hair. Although, to be honest, I haven't been embracing my natural hair lately, I've been trying out different looks with looser waves, however, I'm going to start embracing my natural waves again once summer finally hits.

Do people pressure you to straighten your hair?

Emily: No, people don't really pressure me to straighten it. People may say, "Oh you should wear your hair straight sometime. I want to see what it looks like!" type of thing. Whenever I wear it natural, people always compliment me and it literally makes my day, especially because it's my natural hair! Everyone cannot make their hair look naturally wavy or curly, so it's really nice to have different hair than most people.

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