diane mary platinum blonde

In January we predicted that platinum would be one of the hottest trends--remember? Well not to pat ourselves on the back, but we were correct. Last year Justin Bieber, Adam Levine & Pete Wentz all went platinum. Last week actor Jared Leto and reality star Kim Kardashian joined Team Platinum during Paris Fashion Week.
Ever since Elsa from Frozen came around more and more people have been wanting to have that beautiful ice queen hair for themselves.

If you are considering hopping on the platinum hue bandwagon, know what you are getting yourself into, first. As a wavy curly girl who had almost platinum blonde hair for over a year, although the color looks absolutely stunning, it is incredibly high maintenance--especially for curlies. 

1. Don't do it on your own.

Go to a salon. Yes, it will be more expensive. But a professional colorist can help preserve the integrity of your hair. With bleach and high lift color especially, overlapping previous dyed sections or previously damaged hair will lead to a breakage disaster.

Don't attempt to go Platinum without Olaplex. If I can go back in time, just over a year, Olaplex would have been around before I decided to go lighter with my hair!!! Olaplex gets added to the bleach and helps rebuild the bonds in the hair so your hair stays softer, healthier and you get minimum breakage from the harsh color service. It does cost a little more, but it is worth every single penny. It can save your hair. If you don't believe me check out the before and afters with Olaplex from ThatBlondeGirlMandie on Youtube. I'm convinced my hair never would have broken the way it did had Olaplex been known when I colored.

2. Be ready to get even crazier about ingredients and regimen.

Platinum and all blonde hair can get brassy easily. Certain natural ingredients have some incredible benefits for the hair and others can actually attribute to brassiness and darker hair. Hibiscus, Neem and Amla are just a few. Applying pure Argan Oil which is high in vitamin E and great for hair elasticity can also unwillingly turn ice blondes darker too. Also, using hair creams and gels can make the hair appear a bit darker than it actually is, even if it doesn't permanently stain it. Sun exposure and hard water can also make blonde hair brassy. I used hair products with a UV filter when outside like Living Proof Restore Spray. Consider getting a shower filter if you live in a hard water area to help keep your Platinum true and worth it. Sleep on a satin pillowcase. Most naturally curlies are doing this already, but now it is extra important. Satin pillowcases will help prevent frizz and help friction while you sleep. 

3. Your hair is going to be super dry.

Bleached hair is usually super dry on its own, so bleached curly hair...you get the idea. Forget about rinse out conditioners because they will probably do nothing for your hair. Use a deep conditioner every single time you wash, leaving it in as long as possible. A deep conditioner with both moisture and protein will be ideal because with the bleaching to get to platinum also comes protein loss. Briogeo Don't Despair, Repair and Living Proof Restore Treatment were and still are 2 of my favorite masks. Add moisture to your hair, even on the days you don't wash it! I still add a moisturizing spray to my hair daily, sometimes twice a day. Platinum hair will soak up moisture and really needs a lot of it to say hydrated--I've been obsessed with the Mirabelle Plum refreshing spray from Carol's Daughter and the Wen Replenishing Treatment Mists, especially the 613 one because it has added amino acids.

4. Expect frequent touch-ups.

Platinum hair with dark roots is actually a trend within itself, but if you can't stand the look of grown in roots, expect to be at the salon every few weeks. The lighter the hair is dyed, the quicker your roots will be noticeable.

You may not get to platinum in one sitting. Especially if you are starting off with a darker base color. Remember, achieving platinum hair is quite damaging. It is far better to do it gradually rather than to in a single session--your hair will likely suffer.

jared leto platinum hair

5. Use a blue or purple shampoo and/or conditioner.

This goes back to the whole brassiness thing. Using products that are blue or purple will help counteract brassiness because they are on the opposite end of the color wheel from blonde and yellow. My favorite of all time is the Shimmer Lights Conditioner, but it is not very moisturizing on its own so pair it with a more moisturizing conditioner. The new Dessange Paris CC Brass Correcting Creme is great as well. Make sure you don't leave these products on longer than suggested, unless you want your platinum hair to actually turn purple.

6. Take extra precaution with heat tools.

Heat tools are damaging to all hair, but for Platinum and lighter blonde hair especially and even more so with platinum textures hair because it is already so delicate. If you really have to use heat, don't even consider not using heat protectant spray with it.

7. Going platinum may alter your curl pattern.

I noticed this when I went lighter. My 3a curls turned more into 2b/2c. The damage from the color may actually stretch your curls out- so make sure that that is a sacrifice you are worth giving for the color. 

8. Breakage might be your reality.

I know I mentioned this already, but it is worth mentioning again. Going platinum will lead to breakage if you hair is not at its healthiest state beforehand. I sadly learned this the hard way. My hair would still be super light blonde now if my strands would have been able to handle it better.

In conclusion, the color of platinum hair is gorgeous. It is breathtaking, especially on textured hair. Platinum and light blonde curls have their own set of extra issues, as the hair becomes super fragile. Remember, it is extremely high maintenance to care for. Make sure you are willing to go the extra mile for your hair care; keep your hair is healthy before heading over to the lighter side.