We love trying out the latest trends and styles on our own waves, curls and coils in the NaturallyCurly offices, but we have to admit - the fishtail has always had us stumped. So we were thrilled to find this simple tutorial by Allure that made the coveted fishtail look totally achievable. Before you get started, stylist Matt Fugate suggests working on second or third-day hair because this braid looks best when it's thick and textured. 

I think the key to this simple tutorial is in the first step: tying the hair back into a ponytail before you begin. This step prevents the braid from falling apart while you each time you reach for the next strand.  You could even remove the ponytail holder at the end and tug lightly on sections of the braid if you're looking for that looser, bohemian vibe - which we definitely will be this summer! Watch the video for the simple, step-by-step tutorial. 

Steps for a Fishtail Braid:

1. Start with dirty 2nd day hair.

2. Gather your hair into a ponytail - position the hair tie at the bottom of your head.

3. Split your hair into two. These will be known as piece 1 and piece 2.

4. Take an outer strand of piece 1 and fold over piece 1 and into the middle.

5. Repeat on the other side with piece 2.

6. Continue this braiding pattern all the way to the bottom. Focus on grabbing the same size strands of hair.

7. Secure the ends with a clear plastic hair tie.

8. For a fatter, chunky look, pull the braid outward to thicken it.