We've got quick tips for looking like a fashion show model!

spring fashion week

Trendiness from Adam's spring 2011 fashion show.

This hairstyle from Adam is a very easy and trendy look to recreate. Simply create a bun at the top of the head. Grab one of your handy Goody Spin Pins and you are good to go. To add a little extra sparkle, braid a section of the hair back into the bun. Start at the top of the crown and follow the hairline around so the braid frames the face.

spring fashion week

A Spring Fashion Week 2011 hairstyle from Alexander Berardi

Another easy-to-create hairstyle, this time from Alexander Berardi. Simply begin by curling the hair. With a bristle brush, such as a Denman brush, comb out the curls. Pull hair into a low side ponytail, tease up the curls in the ponytail and you have a chic runway look.


Vivienne Tam offers this look from her Spring Fashion Week 2011 collection.

From Vivienne Tam comes one of my favorite everyday looks. It is so easy to create but it looks like you spent much longer on it than you really did. Take a large barrel curling iron and curl the hair. Spray with a light-hold hairspray. Shake out the curls with your fingers and let the curls simply fall out through the rest of the day. You can turn this style into a evening out look by twisting the hair into a low and messy side bun, use the Goody Spin Pin again to hold and secure the bun.

Fashion Week Focus/Lindsay Kaplan

Please, these are not curly hair styles. This is straight hair that has had a couple of curls put in with a curling iron. For most of us to get this "easy to create" look we'd have to spend an hour on a blow-out first and then add the curls back in with a curling iron. Thumbs down.