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The beachy wave look is great way to rock the bedhead trend this fall and winter. Even though it’s far from beach season, the look is still in. If you’re looking for a way to get the look as the weather cools off. Take a look at these tips and watch Susonnah’s tutorial for getting beach waves using the new Paul Mitchell Curls line. The style is created without a diffuser, so if you don’t want to step out into the cold with a wet head, try this routine at night, pineapple, loosely braid or bun your curls over night to dry. Then let your beach waves down in the morning!

  1. Shampoo with the Paul Mitchell Curls Spring-Loaded Detangling Shampoo, detangling in the shower, with the shampoo still in and then, rinse out.
  2. Begin to set your waves by twisting wet hair into a bun and secure with a seamless hair band.
  3. Take down the bun once you are out of the shower and ready to style your hair. Use a small nickel sized amount of the leave-in and let your hair dry for a few minutes.
  4. Apply Ultimate Wave Creme-Gel in small amounts. Use it sparingly because it has a thick consistency. Smooth it over your hair in sections and then scrunch your curls in your hands up towards your head.
  5. Air dry, do not use a diffuser. If you do this style at night, you can loosely braid your hair or put it into a bun. In the morning, take out the braids or bun. Drying in the braids or bun will help to enhance your beach waves. Then, you may be able to skip over the next step in which you could use heat to touchup your waves.
  6. To touch up your beach waves when your hair is dry, use and flat iron or curling rod  to create more curls or waves.
  7. Use a spray on serum to finish.

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How to Get Beach Waves With Paul Mitchell

By: Susonnah

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