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I am a true believer that the health of your hair not only results in what you put on top of it outside, but also how you nourish yourself from the inside.

On top of eating a well balanced diet, vitamins with specific ingredients to help target hair can help your strands grow longer and stronger. When the kind folks at NaturallyCurly asked me if I wanted to try the Hair Essentials vitamins by Natural Wellbeing for three months, I happily agreed.

When starting any new vitamin, it is important to check with your doctor and while there should not be any side effects, some of us may have allergies to certain ingredients so if you take any vitamin and you do not feel right, please stop taking immediately. Okay, now that that part is out of the way here is what the company says about their vitamins:

"Hair Essentials is an award-winning, 100% drug-free, vegetarian, certified gluten-free and non-GMO hair supplement that offers the most comprehensive support for healthy hair growth.​"

What the company says

Our drug-free, vegetarian, certified gluten-free, cruelty-free and non-GMO proprietary blend of more than 20 herbs, vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, antioxidants, amino acids, and other essential nutrients naturally:

  • Promotes healthy hair growth by improving circulation and the delivery of nutrients to the scalp.
  • Strengthens the keratin structure of the hair making it less prone to breakage and split ends and helps increase hair shaft diameter and density of hair growth.
  • Improves hair texture and shine.
  • Regulates the hair growth cycle to promote new hair growth.
  • Repairs damaged hair follicles and protects actively dividing cells in the hair follicle from oxidative stress.
  • Maintains healthy sebum production for a healthier environment for hair growth.
  • Prevents premature graying, supports overall vitality of hair follicle and promotes thicker, fuller hair growth.
  • Reduces scalp inflammation.
  • Combats hair loss by inhibiting the production of 5-Alpha-reductase and subsequently DHT. 

Hair Essentials does not contain animal ingredients including collagen from factory-farmed animals, shark cartilage, fish, fish oil, oyster meat or other animal byproducts. It is free of any controversial ingredients (i.e., shark cartilage, artificial colors or flavors, other chemicals, fillers). It is prepared from carefully selected botanical sources, along with the highest quality vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. We use a combination of full-spectrum and standardized botanical extracts are used to ensure the highest potency. It is manufactured in the USA, and every single batch is tested to ensure the highest quality.

While we are extremely proud of our formula and manufacturing processes, we are most proud of the results. Hair Essentials has helped thousands of women grow their hair and their confidence."

I liked that these vitamins are natural and have no controversial ingredients inside. I also like that they are manufactured right here in the USA. They have great ingredients inside I always look for with my hair vitamins including Biotin, Selenium, Zinc, MSM, Bamboo and some amino acids. There is also a special proprietary hair blend inside.

diane mary with hair essentials

What I Say

I followed the instructions on the bottle and took 3 vitamins each day with food as part of my morning vitamin routine. With any vitamin, it usually takes 2 to 3 months to start working which is why when NaturallyCurly offered me the opportunity to try, I asked for 3 months so I can give it a thorough evaluation. I am glad to report I had no side effects and felt nothing bad from taking them. They were super easy to swallow capsules with no gross vitamin taste. These are not magic pills, such a thing doesn't exist so it didn't give me rapunzel like locks in the 3 months but my hair has been growing healthily. To be completely honest, I have been taking some kind of hair vitamin for over 3 years now--Viviscal, Hairfinity, FollicleFuel, etc. (but not at the same time)--so I cannot attribute any specific changes to these actual vitamins, but that's not to say they did nothing for me. Since I did begin taking hair vitamins in general I do notice that my hair grows at a nice rate (a little over half an inch a month), feels dense and though I do shed like crazy, I don't shed as much as I did prior to hair vitamins.
I don't buy into the fact hair vitamins can fix already damaged hair. Hair already damaged is already grown out of the scalp and what vitamins is nourish the follicle and root of the hair. Being in my late 20s, I also look at hair vitamins as a preventative measure, sort of like anti aging.

By starting to take the vitamins now I am hoping down the road I do not suffer from any extreme hair loss.

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If you do notice hair loss, excessive shedding or want some kind of insurance to get your hair to be its healthiest, I say these are worth a try. Just give them at least 3 months and always have realistic expectations.