heat damage rehab

Just how much heat does it take to damage your locks? Using hot irons and dryers on a weekly basis will make your hair dry, brittle and damaged. Heat will cause split ends and breakage, which, will have to be cut off in order to assist in restoring your hair back to health. Using too much heat can also eventually change your curl pattern and cause more frizz.

So just what can you do to improve damaged heat-ridden curls and waves?

Step Away from the Hot Tools

The first step is to take a break from the hot tools that you have been using too frequently. If you've been using hot tools religiously for a long period you may find this the most challenging step, so if you must use them, make sure you use quality tools like those with a number of heat settings. Look for dryers that have a stronger flow of air, with a lower setting and more power. Use a diffuser on your dryer as well.

Remember to NEVER use “wet to dry” tools of any type as they will do the most damage to your curls. Look for ceramic tools and always use a heat protective spray.

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Shampoo Less, Condition More

Go Deep

Deep condition one to two times per week. Depending on the damage to your hair, deep conditioning with a treatment for your hair type is important. Find a masque or treatment that suits your hair type.

At home treatments: You can also follow up with at home treatment by slightly warming olive oil (or your favorite oil mixture) and applying it to your dry hair. Wrap your hair with plastic wrap and allow the olive oil to help restore the shine and moisture to your curls. After 30-40 mins, gently wash it out and allow your locks to air dry.

Another great treatment: combine a banana, one cup of plain yogurt, 2 tablespoons of honey, 1 tablespoon of olive oil , one egg and 3 drops of lavendar oil - mix them well and coat freshly washed hair. Allow it to sit on your hair for about 40 mins and wash out with cold water. Allow your hair to air dry.

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Minimize Products

When trying to restore natural luster and bounce to curls, try to use fewer products in your hair. Some styling products, like gels and cremes, have chemicals and other drying agents which can add to the problem, instead of helping it. Look for alcohol-free gels and gentle, organic products that aide in styling, and don’t contain harmful chemicals. Check out products like Aunt Jackies’s Curls & Coils, Jessicurl, Aubrey Organics and Darcy’s Botanicals. SHOPNaturallyCurly.com has a great list and selection of healthy products as well.

When you do use products on your hair, be sure to apply them lightly and gently. Avoid rubbing or combing your hair harshly, especially when wet.

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