Faux bobs are a great look for special events, or just a way to change up your day to day look on longer hair--without a long term commitment. Following these simple steps with Kayley Melissa's video tutorial, you can create your glam faux bob.

  1. Make a base with the back part of your hair.

  2. Tie up the back section of your hair --and twist loosely into small bun. This will help add some volume and shape to the overall faux bob once it’s done.

  3. Let the rest of your hair down and twist it into looser curls or waves. Spray lightly with a holding mist.

  4. Separate your remaining hair into 5 sections. (3 in back and 2 at top)

  5. Gather the middle/back section of your hair and wrap it around 2-3 fingers, like a donut shape, loosely. Pin that section underneath (where you have the small bun from step 1) and do the same with the sections on the side. 

  6. Pin your sections underneath.

  7. Use a curling wand for the front section of your hair. Curl hair away from your face.

  8. Loosen the curl with your fingers.

  9. Take one section, wrap around 2-3 fingers, in a donut shape again, and roll up and pin underneath. Do the same for the other top section.

At night, add a sparkly hair clip. If any pieces come undone, be sure to have a few extra hair pins with you to fix them.

Watch the tutorial