Wavy hair is delicate and should be treated as such, especially while being dried.

Sometimes instructions on products need to be revised for wavy hair. As a general rule of thumb avoid heat and fabrics that draw out too much moisture. Here are the 2 ways girls with wavy or curly hair can dry their tresses, and tips on minimizing heat damage and getting the best results.

Method 1: Diffusing

Find a hair dryer and attach a diffusion nozzle to the end. This will spread out the heat so it doesn’t damage the hair. Use the diffusion nozzle to dry your hair. If you are using the DevaCurl Devafuser, aim the air at your roots by allowing the hand-like structure of the diffuser to reach right into your hair. Next, aim the air at the canopy. Finish by drying the roots.

Method 2: Plopping

Ditch the terrycloth towels when drying your hair because it snags and snaps hair and it also absorbs too much moisture. Instead, swap it for microfiberwhich will be more gently to your hair. Flip your head upside down and with the towel, gently scrunch your hair up towards your scalp. Do this until your hair is about 70 percent dry. Then stand up straight and gently part your hair as you would like, being careful not to separate your waves and create frizz. Allow your hair to air dry.

Want better wave definition?

1. Blot your wet hair with microfiber towel until it is not dripping but is still damp.

2. Flip your head upside down, scrunching a curl-defining gel or cream product with the palms of your hands into your waves.

3. Flip your head back right-side-up.

4. Blow dry hair with a hair drier with a nozzle attachment.

5. Continue drying hair until it is about 90 percent dry and allow it to hair dry the rest of the way.

How to prevent frizz and make your waves clump

  • Blast your hair with cool air to seal the cuticle and reduce friction that might result in frizz.
  • Apply a light coat of oil to the tips of your hair while it is drying–especially when wearing fabrics like wool–to avoid friction that might cause split ends and fairy knots.

  • Paper towels or t-shirts will work just as well as a microfiber towel.

  • Close the windows in your car and turn the heat or AC up on high! Your hair will dry quickly.

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