Sugar and spice and everything nice — but sometimes things can get a little salty. If it’s summertime and you’re at the beach, a little salt can mean sultry, sensual beach waves, and we all know how hot that look is. You might be wondering, though, if salt is really good for your hair It turns out, while it obviously isn’t the best conditioner for your luscious locks, it does make for a killer styling aid.

“Salt water is so great for the hair because of the natural hold salt gives to hair,” says celebrity stylist Anthony Dickey, who has played with the famous tresses of Sarah Jessica Parker, Kelis and Alicia Keys. “The salt combines with the water and moisture in the air (humidity) and makes for the perfect tousled look.”

The ‘beachy wave’ wasn’t originally a salon-crafted look, although many are flocking to them in hopes of a new, effortlessly sexy ‘do. But we forget that the style was spawned from the sandy beaches of vacay-lands, where the golden sun sets low upon the glittering waters. Alas, those lands are only within grasp a few lucky weeks a year (if that), but that doesn’t mean your hair has to wait that long.

You can recreate beach waves at home by making a simple salt-water solution: 1/4 cup water to 2 teaspoons salt. Grab a small spray bottle and spray, baby, spray! Your hair should be moderately drenched so you can work with it. Once you’ve gotten it nice and salty, start twirling and scrunching. Then leave it be! The style is meant to look natural; so too much fussing will ruin the ‘just-walked-off-a-tropical-land look’.