Big is the new long when it comes to hair. Curlies, coilies, and wavies are becoming more interested in fullness than length. A lot of people with fine, low density, and looser-textured hair desire to hide their scalps and keep their roots lifted. Jana.muzevic from Curly Q&A recently reached out to us about this.


I have type 3b. How do I get more volume without too much frizz? I use a diffuser! :) thanks x


First, I want to acknowledge the fine job that Brazilnutt did responding to this question and I will be sharing very similar tips.

Thoroughly Cleanse Hair and Scalp

Buildup from products, sebum, and debris can be adding additional weight to your hair. If you co-wash, you may want to start cleansing with a sulfate-free shampoo (focusing on your scalp) to ensure that buildup is properly removed. Co-washing is great as a refresher, but daily conditioners are not formulated to cleanse the hair and therefore are not always effective cleansers even though some can be. Co-wash conditioners are formulated with milder surfactants than shampoos but sometimes they too are ineffective. Clean hair and lighter products lead to fluffier hair. 

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Try Different Styling Products

There are so many product options for curlies these days. There are mousses, gels, cream gels, and styling creams (i.e. creams, pudding, and custards). Brand websites and/or product labels will give directions either explicitly (i.e. wavy) or implicitly through the instructions on who the products are designed for. Many with fine, low density, waves and curls will opt for mousses and styling creams over cream gels and gels. There are lighter and heavier products available in each styler category so it is important to not only read the instruction but also search YouTube tutorials.

Do Not Apply Product to Scalp

When applying styling products to your hair, make sure you avoid the scalp. Although your roots are more prone to frizz without products, not applying products to the scalp will allow your roots to naturally rise as your hair dries. 

Use Double Prong Hair Clips

Securing your roots with double prong clips immediately after applying your styling product will allow your curls to set with volume while the length of your hair sets with definition. Devachan Salon has great tutorials on how to achieve defined curls and lifted roots without frizz.

Drying Upside Down

Drying your hair upside down allows roots to set with volume. Using a blow-dryer on low speed and cool air with a diffuser attachment will prevent your hair from becoming frizzy from the air pressure and becoming dry from the high heat. When used in conjunction with the double prong hair clips, you can maintain curl definition and create volume. Here is another video from the Devachan Salon to demonstrate how this is done.

Afro Pick

If you want even more volume or choose to not use the double prong clips then using an afro pick to lift your roots is another fantastic option. Once your hair is completely dry, carefully separate sections to expose the roots and use the afro pick to lift the roots. The key to avoiding frizz is to not comb all the way down the length of your hair. You want to focus on your roots.

How do you create volume without creating frizz?