If you're blessed with wavy hair, you may sometimes feel like the texture is more of a curse than anything. There can be several reasons for this:

• Your hair tends to frizz, especially in humid weather.

• Your hair has different lengths (for example, shorter around the face but longer in the back)

These reasons, as well as others, can make it hard to evenly curl your hair, but it's not impossible. Here's how to make wavy hair curl evenly with just a little time and effort.

Start with the Right Tools

Frustrated with your wavy locks? Learn how to turn take them from night mare to, "My, hair!"

These include, but are not limited to, styling products such as mousse, sprays, and gels. All of these can help you tame unruly curls. Just make sure they do not contain alcohol which can dry your hair out, since curly hair already has a tendency toward being dry.

Dryness can also cause breakage, which in turn leads to frizz waves. Add a humid day to the mix of overly dry hair due to harsh styling products and you have achieved the old "finger in the light socket" look.

Your styling tools should include blow dryers with diffuser attachments and curling irons or curling brushes that have 2" to 3" barrels. You also want to have a sturdy wide-tooth comb as well as a large, at least 2" to 3" in diameter, round brush. You can also invest in some large curlers for those occasions when you have a little more styling time.

What You'll Need

  • Pins or clips
  • Round Brush or Curling Iron
  • Blow Dryer
  • Diffuser
  1. Work with small sections of hair. Starting with the under section, pin or clip the rest of your hair out of the way while you work, loosening one section as you finish another.
  2. Start at the root of each section. If you are using a round brush or curling iron, start at the root of each section and work your way down to the ends. When using curling appliances, gently pull your hair straight out and clamp the appliance at the root, gently sliding it down to the end. Then, turn the curling appliance in the direction you want your curl to go. If you are using a round brush, pull the hair straight out and gently roll it around the brush, then blow-dry.
  3. Begin with the top and side sections. Starting with the curls on the top and side sections can quicken and perfect the process. Because the top and side sections of your hair are usually where the shortest, tightest curls are, you can tame them first and then concentrate on the back and crown.
  4. Create natural looking curls. For more natural looking curls, simply don’t create identical curls all-over. For women with curly hair, each strand forms a different shape. Perfectly identical curls are not common.

The Versatility of the Curling Iron

Curling irons can achieve loose, beach waves or perfect corkscrews. It all depends on the barrel and heat setting!

Final thoughts

If your waves are still not curling evenly, focus on mimicking one section and continue that pattern around the head. How do you use your curling iron to create spiral and even curls? Let us know!