I feel like Ouidad is a curly hair line that has existed forever.

When I jumped into my curly hair journey, I was strict on my choice of ingredients: no silicones, no sulfates, no mineral oils. Over the years I educated myself more, and I learned about the different types of silicones (I discovered the water soluble silicones for example”> and detergents. I was always scared of the Ouidad line because of the sulfates in the shampoos and the silicones (mostly water soluble”> in some stylers, so I never tried anything from the line–and that was a huge mistake.

My hair is in a crazy transitioning state right now.

My top part is really curly, my bottom part is a loose wave. Finding a styler that can deal with all my textures delivering nice results has been difficult. The Ouidad line impressed me! Using all the products from the Classic Curls line together I was able to achieve several amazing hair days.

Vitalcurl Clear & Gentle Shampoo

I was initially scared of this shampoo because it is sulfate and betaine based: two harsh ingredients taken alone. In this formula, however, they are absolutely not drying. My hair feel soft and clean after using this shampoo, and absolutely not stripped. It also encourages the curl formation, merging my two transitioning textures together well. The low pH keeps my hair totally frizz free and super shiny.

Ultra Nourishing Cleansing Oil

This is the cleanser I reach for when my hair is feeling a bit dehydrated: it is really gentle and leaves my hair feeling super soft and shiny without being greasy. It says it is an oil, but the texture feels more like a rich shampoo to me. It is perfect if you have to wash your hair often due to styling, since it is extremely gentle but it cleanses your scalp very well removing every trace of build up.

It says it is an oil, but the texture feels more like a rich shampoo to me.

Vitalcurl Balancing Rinse Conditioner

This is hands down the best detangling conditioner I have ever used. The slip in this product is something from another world! I can detangle my hair in seconds, and I have zero breakage! It also encourages my curl formation, so I get really plumped and defined curls. It is lightweight but nourishing enough to leave my hair feeling light, soft and shiny!

Curl Recovery Melt Down Extreme Repair Mask

This mask is now one of my favorite masks: it is so effective, and really leaves my hair feeling extremely soft and elastic. I use it with heat or steam, and I leave it on my hair for 30 minutes. It has a nice smell, washes out really good leaving my curls extremely nourished but not heavy or greasy. If you have damaged hair, you need this mask in your life: I can see a huge difference in my hair when I use this mask compared to when I use a cheaper one like SheaMoisture. You absolutely get what you pay here.

Vitalcurl Tress Effects Styling Gel

I am totally a gel girl. This gel is just the perfect one for my wavy-curly transitioning hair! It really helps my looser curls to curl up! It also keeps my hair curly, day after day; I just need a bit of water to reactivate it on the following days. It is a monster fighting frizz and leaves my hair really shiny. In humid weather it performs well, but I prefer to seal it with an oil to be sure.

Vitalcurl Define & Shine Styling Gel Cream

This is what I call a finishing product: used alone it gives me a soft hold, and loose waves with volume (a classic beach hair look”>. Used on top of the Tress Effect Gel it gives me amazing bouncy, defined curls! I like to use it on wet hair but you can also use it on dry hair because it doesn’t dry sticky. It also calms down frizzy sections without disrupting the rest of the curls.  

Wave Create Sea Spray

This is a new HG product for me: I can’t live without it! It really helps my transitioning curls to look presentable. It does not have the sticky, dry feeling of a normal salt spray: it leaves my hair shiny, soft, bouncy and it smells so good! A must have for everyone who wants to enhance the curl pattern.

To sum it up

I apply the products by dividing my hair in 6 sections, using a combination of rake, shake and scrunch. Overall the Ouidad Classic Curls line left me speechless: every product worked perfectly and held up to what they claimed! My hair has never looked better. 


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