If you have ever read about curly hair, more than likely you have come across “The CG Method” – which is short for Curly Girl Method. Are you still wondering what it is and what it does? That is what we are here for!

What is the CG Method?

This is short for “The Curly Girl Method” which is also referred to as “The No Poo Method.” It originated years ago in a book written by Lorraine Massey (also the creator of the Devacurl line”> called Curly Girl: The Handbook. The book helps people embrace their natural texture and explains a new and revolutionary routine to get healthy, well-behaved waves, curls and coils. 

There are essentially three main “rules” to the CG method: No poo/sulfates, no silicones, and no heat.

What are the Curly Girl Method benefits?

Less damage, less frizz, better curl definition, better manageability, softer hair and the potential to grow even longer hair for starters! Please keep in mind, everyone’s hair is different so of course it may take some trial, error and experimentation for you to get the Curly Girl method down pat and figure out exactly which was it works for you. But I promise once you do, consistent good hair days and an increase in confidence will make it all worth your while.

“You’d never dream of washing a good sweater with detergent. Yet most shampoos contain harsh detergents (sodium lauryl sulfate or laureth sulfate”> that one also finds in dish washing liquid. They’re great for pots and pans because they cut grease so effectively. Your hair on the other hand, needs to retain some natural oils, which protect your hair and scalp. Stripping them away deprives the hair of necessary moisture and amino acids and makes it look dry and dull.” -Lorraine Massey


No shampoo

No poo means not using traditional shampoos full of sulfates. Why? Sulfates are very harsh. They strip the hair of its natural oils causing it to be extremely dry. Because textured hair is porous, it is virtually impossible to rinse out all traces of shampoo and that leftover residue can contribute to frizz. It is highly recommended before starting the CG method to clean your hair one final time with a clarifying shampoo to remove any product build up, residue, and non-water soluble silicones that were living in your hair so you can truly start with a clean slate.

The Curly Girl Method suggests cleansing hair with a “Conditioner Wash”, also known as a “Co-Wash” or “Cleansing Conditioner”. Most conditioners contain mild surfactants that, paired up with a little manual friction, are capable of lifting off dirt, debris and excess oil from the scalp and hair.

Consider these ingredients while selecting your no-poo (or co-wash”>:

  • Natural Emollients–which soften, smooth the hair and give it shine. Natural oils and butters are excellent options.
  • Proteins–these will temporarily repair damaged hair and protect it. Note that some people’s hair are protein sensitive and the protein can build up. Usually the healthier the hair, the less protein you need. If you happen to be protein sensitiv, make sure to use a protein-free conditioner. Otherwise look for a conditioner with protein. Examples of proteins include silk, soy, wheat, keratin or individual amino acids (components of proteins”>.
  • Humectants–which absorb water and hold in moisture. They are absolutely crucial in a conditioner for curly hair. Panthenol, vegetable glycerin, sorbitol and honey are just a few humectants to look for on the label. Moisturizers soften and control to curly hair. Amino acids and aloe vera are two great moisturizers. 

Depending on personal preferences, you may only ever co-wash your hair and be happy or you may like to rotate co-washing with a sulfate free shampoo. I personally do the latter. Again, it is all about what works for your hair.

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