Jessicurl welcomes the newest member of its family - Spiralicious Styling Gel - exclusively on CurlMart during the month of October. Jessicurl enlisted the help of Naturallycurly's audience to name the new stronger-hold gel, nine years after our community came up with the name for Confident Coils Styling Potion.

We talked to Jessicurl founder Jessica McGuinty about the naming contest and the new gel, which has become her new Holy Grail product for her red corkscrew curls.

NC: What was the response to the naming contest?

Jess: Over 1,700 individual people responded. And since most of them used all three entries, that adds up to roughly 5,000 entries. OMG, eh?? We were hoping for a good response to the contest, and I’d say we got it.

NC: I heard some people actually thought you were naming a child. Any good names?

Jess: Yeah, that was pretty funny. I often joke around and call my products my “children” so it just seemed like a funny extension of that to call this the “Name Jess’s New Baby” contest. Well, I guess some people didn’t read the full description of the contest, because quite a few suggested human names. My favorite was Hannah. I’ve always loved that name – for a daughter though, not a hair gel. Ultimately, we did not name the new gel Hannah.

NC: Was it hard to choose a winner?

Jess: There were several we really liked and would have been happy with, so that was cool. Clearly, whatever we chose had to be something that wasn’t already in use, so that was one of the largest criteria we used when selecting the winner.

NC: What were you looking for in a name?

Jess: We wanted something fun and cute that would fit in with the rest of the Jessicurl family!

NC:. So, drum roll please, what's the name of the new gel?

Jess: Spiralicious Styling Gel! (Apologies to anyone named Hannah).

NC: What are some of the attributes of the new gel?

Jess: It’s much thicker than any of our other styling products and provides stronger hold. Don’t fear the hold though, because your curls will still be touchably soft! (Whether you let people touch them is up to you). It also has amazing frizz control. CRAZY frizz control in fact. So it’s a really unique product in that it will hold your curls and keep them frizz free, but doesn’t make them all ramen-noodley.

NC: How do you use the gel? Do you cocktail it with other products?

Jess: Personally I do cocktail it with Rockin’ Ringlets, yes. Rockin’ Ringlets gives that added curl enhancement, so if you’re currently using that, you’ll want to continue to. Spiralicious plays very nicely with it! For curlies with tighter curls who don’t need a curl enhancer, it can be used alone for hold, definition and frizz control.