Alyssa with Straight Hair

Now that we have gotten to know each other I feel like we can talk about things other than just waves. What we hate, what we love, what we wish we could do. We can talk about other options like doing a different curl pattern or even straightening. Yes I said it, straightening. I love having wavy hair and I love that I have fully embraced my waves, but I also like changing things up once or twice a week just to give me something different. I know to a lot of people straightening once or twice a week seems like a lot. But so many wavies get frustrated with their hair and only going straight once or twice seems like a miracle.

So let’s go through our true and false list now.

  1. Because you straighten your hair you can’t possibly embrace your natural style.

    No! Wrong! I embrace my natural look and I am so glad I have it, but sometimes I just want to change it up. I want to run my fingers through my wonderfully soft hair and just be able to mess with it once in a while, something I can’t do when it’s wavy.

  2. You’re a hypocrite! You talk about wavy hair all the time and now you’re going the straight route.

    First of all, if I’m going to be a hypocrite it is not going to be about this. I’ll save my hypocrisy for something good! And yes, I do talk about wavy hair and give product suggestions, but never have I ever said, “You must only wear your hair wavy and no other way!” That would be silly. Embrace change!

  3. Straightening is terrible for your hair and you will kill all of your wave!

    It is true that heat damages your hair. However, just like you have products for your curly hair, there are also plenty of products that you can use to protect your hair from all of the heat. I’m currently using the John Frieda Frizz-Ease Straight Fixation Smoothing Créme, and I have noticed that it keeps my hair very smooth and healthy. There are several other products that you can use to keep your hair healthy while straightening as well. Concerning wave loss, it is true that the more you straighten, the more you convince your hair that’s how it should be. You want to be careful that you aren’t turning to your flat iron too often or you will notice that when you want to be natural, it will take a little more work. Remember, the less work needed=the happier you will be!

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