Did these stylers provide "effortless" results on my wavy-curly hair?

Amp Instant Texture Volumizer

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What They Say:

A styling cream that can be applied to dry hair for instant volume, touchable texture and flexible hold that is revivable for up to 48 hours. Powered by our Meta-Volume Technology that features our patented Volumizing Molecule (PBAE) which instantly provides volume and texture on dry hair , makes style flexible and remoldable, so hair is never stiff or frozen and remains touchable and revivable for up to 48 hours . For fine to medium hair with layers.

What I say:

I really like this product and I don't use it as the directions might say. This is meant only to be used on dry hair, and that is the part I do follow. I don't look for added volume in my hair, but I kind of like this as a frizz fixer/temporary split end concealer. A little goes a long way- I take a pearl size amount per section of my hair for 4 sections. Mainly focusing on the ends I will mush it in my hair and then do a little scrunch. It helps my curls to stay defined and hides any frizz or split ends that might be going on since I tend to procrastinate my trims. I then take an additional pearl size amount and just smooth it over the top halo frizz on my hair and it helps hold it in place. I like to use this instead of traditional pomades because this is not oily, heavy or sticky.


Living Proof also has two other stylers. A spray called "Straight" that is supposed to help keep hair straighter longer, even in humid climates. Because I straighten my hair once a year I have not tried this product. They also have a new Instant Texture Mist that I did not even know existed until I began researching for this article. I am hoping to try that one in the near future, as it is said to give beach definition, bedhead separation or bombshell body and volume.

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