Hi my name is Nadia Javed. I sing and play guitar in a female punk band called The Tuts.

I'm from a place called Hayes Middlesex in West london. I recently started my own Youtube channel, also. My passions in life are making music with my girl band but also encouraging woman to feel and act empowered whether that's through my music or beauty channel. I am passionate about hair, makeup, music and feminism and believe in equality. 

My hair--the good, the bad

I would describe my hair type as 2c- 3a, wavy whirly curly. My hair looks thick, but the individual strands are very thin--I just have lots of them. I've also have quite high porosity hair so it gets dry very quickly and prone to split ends.

I am an absolute product junkie! I've recently learned that protein treatments are essential from my type of hair.
My worst experience in beauty is going to a hairdresser that doesn't know how to handle curly hair, sometimes they treat your hair so rough when combing thinking I have normal hair that easily detangles. Sometimes you're too scared to tell them oooouch you're hurting me! My biggest advice would be stop using straightners and embrace your natural hair, even if you just a slight wave or a massive afro...embrace your natural hair! Stop conforming to what magazines want of us...to have silky straight, uniform boring hair created by heat heat and more heat.

How being the awkward girl at school helped my confidence

At school I got bullied a lot for having big ears and because of the colour of my skin. I used to get all types of names yelled at me but it's made me the person I am today and given me an even bigger personality.

I never embraced my naturally curly hair at school, partly because I wasn't aware I had beautiful hair as I used to just brush the waves out and tie it back and also due to the fact that all the girls had silky straight hair so I thought my hair was rubbish in comparison and envied theirs

Since embracing my curls, I don't envy the silky straight hair anymore, I'm happy with my big messy hair. Funnily enough now, it's the people with straight silky hair that try to get it big and texturised like mine.

The worst cut I got was many years ago at school when I thought it would be cool to have razored layers but it was a disaster and I had a head full of split ends. The best beauty experience was a more recent trip to the Devachan salon in NYC, I felt like I was in good trustworthy hands--and got good results.

Funnily enough now, it's the people with straight silky hair that try to get it big and texturised like mine.

I want to entertain AND inspire.

I wanted to start a Youtube channel because I hope to add value and offer things to people whether it's through my music, my hair tips/routines, makeup or other feminist related issues all meshed into one channel. I used to see other girls on youtube and think to myself, "I can do that!"

I also feel like I have something different to offer.

I only have 2 videos up at the moment but I'm planning on uploading a whole more that show my true personality and film things I'm passionate about whether it's hair, makeup, products or music. All the music I use in my videos is my own.

I hope that people can watch my youtube channel and feel inspired/entertained by what they watch. I want women to watch it and see someone they can relate to and feel empowered to embrace their own curls, or start a band or use makeup as a tool to feel confident. Even if I can inspire just one person to make a positive change then that's enough for me but...the more subscribers the better.

Keep up with me on  Instagram: @nadtut. Subscribe to my channel,  Youtube.com/nadtut!