This summer as humidity and frizz made their usual appearances, I discovered that my old routine was no longer working for me. My hair was a huge ball of frizz, but to be honest I was kind of expecting it. Every summer my hair goes into a wild rebellious phase in which it behaves like there is no tomorrow…

It typically returns to normal when the dew point drops, but for the entirety of summer it is a nightmare to deal with. Normally I embrace the frizz, wearing my hair in a big poofy style; but this time I wanted to try something new and different: a keratin smoothing treatment.

This was not my first attempt at a keratin treatment. I have tried one before, the Global Keratin Treatment, but for me personally my hair was still a bit frizzy and curly after it, and it made me lose a lot of hair! It grew back eventually, but it was really scary in the shower. In my opinion it was a waste of money.

Goldwell KeraSilk Treatment

This time I saw online a new advertisement about the Goldwell KeraSilk Treatment, that promises to get you “from frustrating to fabulous hair. Discover the ultimate transformation. Kerasilk Keratin Treatment is the first customizable long-lasting smoothing services for hair like silk up to 5 months!”

Fabulous? Customizable? Long Lasting (but not forever lasting”>? Yes, they had me from the word go!

I booked an appointment and… here is my review of the whole system!

The Choices

The interesting thing is that this treatment is customizable: there are two solutions that your stylist mixes together, one is called “shape” and the other “smooth”. You can have both in medium or intense. “Shape” is used to relax the curls (don’t get me wrong, it is not a relaxer!”> and “smooth” takes the frizz away. So you can end up with different results: super silky almost straight hair (if you use the intense version of both”> or just a subtle result, with frizz reduction and minimal curl relaxation. “The KeraShape Technology consists in glycoxylic acid and smoothing ingredients (keratin and silk proteins”>. It creates new keratin bonds into the hair and stabilizes the new hair shape up to 5 months.”

I chose the medium/medium combination.

The Process

First, you need plenty of time. Really, plenty. I am not used to sitting for 5 hours in the same chair so it was pretty annoying. And should we talk about the fact I forgot to bring some good books with me so all I had were those terrible celebrity magazines? Terrible.

First, they shampoo your hair twice (to clarify it”> then they blow dried it, till it’s 80% dry.

They apply the mix of the two solutions carefully on super tiny sections (it took forever because I have tons of hair”>.

The solution sits on the hair for 20 minutes, then the hair is blow dried (again”> and carefully flat ironed with high temperature. This is a down side… I expect some heat damage, but I in order to evaluate it I have to wait until the treatment is fully out of my hair (in 4 months I will report back”>.

Then… the hair is washed again! Yes, you don’t walk out with the treatment in.

At this point when I sat back into the chair my heart skipped a beat! My hair was super super sleek and straight. The stylist then dried it just with the hands and finished really quickly with a round brush (total styling time 15 minutes”> and this was the result (pictured on the left”>.

The Results

I have to admit, right after the treatment I was super scared my hair was relaxed pin straight! It took it a couple of washes to show texture back (it was also very flat”>.

Now my hair is wavy again. I was a Type 2c, I am now a Type 2a with lots of volume and the ability to style my hair pin straight and smooth in 15 minutes because my hair is super smooth and the frizz is gone.

I can walk out of the shower and put nothing on it and be sure my hair will be really nice. With my curly hair this was impossible: I had to use at least 4 products in it and be extra careful not to touch my hair during the drying process.

This is how my hair looks right after the shower no product in it (pictured above on the right”>.