Wurlies are somewhere in between a curly and a wavy

Community member blueroses79 shows off her wurly locks

Ever feel like you can't be categorized? Your hair isn't quite curly. But it's not wavy either.

Now there's a word for you: Wurly! And you've created it right here on NaturallyCurly!

On CurlTalk, one reader identifies herself as a "first-week wurly." Another says "By the way, the way you describe your hair - 2C-F-iii - is probably accurate for my hair too, since I also seem to have a fine, 'wurly' and thick hair thing going on."

So what is the definition of wurly? It varies, but the general consensus seems to be that it's:

  • Between curly and wavy
  • A 2c+ or a 3a-
  • Wavy Curls
  • Not exactly spirals, and definitely not straight

Just fyi: The official definition is an Australian indigenous shelter made from small branches with leaves still attached.

"I didn't realize the term "wurly" had really caught on," says CurlTalker WavyCurly40+. "I hope it has. It's a very useful word, and I think there's also a bit of wordplay—it sounds like "whirl," which to me implies the sort of wacky, inconsistent, changing-shape-and-direction tendencies of this curl pattern."

"There are a bunch of us in the sometimes-frustrating category," she adds. "Perhaps we are finally learning to embrace it!"

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I constantly describe my hair as wurly. It fits!

I am pretty new here and have been trying to rate my curls. This Is me I AM WURLY. This could help me! I am on day 1 (again) and came here for support and found it! Thanks!

I'm totally wurly. Yep, completely wurly.

I guess I'm part wurly — I never thought about it before. Some sections of my hair don't corkscrew, they are more wavy. Sometimes these waves do a corkscrew at the end, sometimes they don't They're wurls!

I first learned the word over at the Long Hair Community, and it seems to have migrated here from there. It is a useful word for those in between wavy and curly.