The Nubian Heritage Grow & Strengthen line with Indian Hemp & Tamanu plus Bamboo, Monoi and Garlic Extract has become one of my favorite hair care lines out there.

Why? Because not only is it mostly natural, never contains sulfates, silicones, parabens, polymers, phthalates, petroleum, dea, artificial fragrance PVPs or synthetic colors, it is color safe, cruelty free  and also is enhanced with so many beneficial great-for-my-hair ingredients that my waves can't get enough. And as an extra bonus, it's SUPER affordable too!!! says  that they "remix indigenous ingredients born from healing traditions around the globe to create products that meet the skin and hair care needs of women and men" and that their "ingredients and inspiration come from across the world and are rooted in their customers’ cultural healing practices."

I have tried six items from this line, some of which have now become Holy Grails in my routine.

I am on a neverending quest to grow my hair as long and strong as it can be so the fact these products are specifically designed to not only to grow hair from the scalp but also helps prevent breakage from the length (equally important for hair growth) has me thrilled. I have noticed less shedding since incorporating these products into my routine. They also smell lovely- very fresh, not overwhelming, too perfumey or offensive. 

Moisturizing Co-Wash

The label says: Sulfate Free. This strengthening formula moisturizes and conditions hair while helping to prevent breakage. Hair grows long, strong and healthy.

I say: H.O.L.Y. G.R.A.I.L.

If I had to choose one co-wash to use the rest of my life and only one, this is it right here. I never tried a cleansing agent (co-wash, shampoo, etc) before that left my hair equally clean AND moisturized. But not just moisturized--VERY MOISTURIZED. That is why I love this so much- it is the only product I ever try where I can possibly skip conditioner after and feel confident about it.

This co-wash has tons of slip and detangles super easy! It has a nice thick consistency. It makes my hair more manageable and every time I use it I notice a lovely difference with my curl definition too. It can be difficult to locate- more so than the rest of the line, but it is worth the hunt. I usually get mine off now.

Moisturizing Curl Gel

The label says: Provides medium hold, definition and brilliant shine while moisturizing chemically treated or natural hair. Bamboo and Garlic Extract help strengthen and thicken hair, protecting it from breakage. Hemp, Tamanu and Monoi Oils hydrate and soften the hair, reducing frizz and improving manageability.

I say: I'm sorry to say it, but this is my least favorite item out of the line. When used for my wash and go's, the one awesome thing was I had incredible curl definition.  However, my hair air dried very stiff and crunchy. I think this gel has a very strong hold. I tried the gel multiple times, varying the amount thinking perhaps I was too heavy handed but sadly that wasn't the case.  It did help with frizz also but due to excess dry scrunching, that voided out the no frizz thing. Now I do use it if my hair is in a ponytail or thrown up so it stays slicked back and my hair can benefit from the nice ingredients inside.

Edge Taming Taffy

The label says: The all-natural, petrolatum-free Taffy hydrates and repairs damaged, dry and brittle hair with Hemp, Tamanu and Monoi oils. Bamboo, Garlic Extract and Keratin strengthen and fortify the hair. Controls and smoothes edges for a sleek, professional look.

I say: I don't like edge tamers or products that feel very sticky or makes my hair feel hard. Luckily this doesn't do that.  It helps keep those frizzies around my hairline down if I wear my hair up. I also like to use it if my dry hair gets out of control and starts being too frizzy or growing puffy. It adds shine and helps the frizz. If the ends of my hair are being rebellious, I will use this almost as a split end mender to temporarily glue them back together without having a sticky glue like feel.

Treatment Masque

The label says: The all-natural hair treatment intensely conditions with Hemp, Tamanu and Monoi oils, while Keratin and Bamboo strengthen and fortify the hair for a healthy, voluminous appearance. Garlic Extract assists in preventing breakage.

I say: A great deep treatment used with or without heat. My hair is color treated and really likes a nice dose of keratin and this mask provides with a great moisture: protein balance without leaving the hair feeling "hard" Though it can be used as a pre-poo or even a styling aid also, I like using it in true masque form after cleansing and on wet hair. After using it I always notice how soft and shiny my hair looks and feels.

Like the co-wash, it makes detangling a breeze. The consistency is really thick-reminds me of ice cream, but I can still work it through my hair with no problem. A little goes a long way with this product and I do feel like it makes my hair stronger, as the label says.

Grow & Strengthen Serum

The label says: All natural serum encourages healthy new growth. Keratin, Bamboo & Garlic Extract fortify and strengthen tresses, while Hemp, Tamanu Oil and Monoi Oil condition hair and help prevent breakage.

I say: I love silicone free serums! It is a personal pet peeve of mine to see products labeled "natural" serum or similar and then see it full of silicones.  A little goes a long way with this product too. I use this product multiple ways. I have some of it in a bottle with a pointy tip and I will apply it to my scalp and massage it in to help encourage hair growth from the root. When I use the proper amount, it does not leave my hair looking oily or greasy but others hair may vary. Because this product isn't too heavy, I also like to apply it on second or third day hair sometimes throughout the length and focusing on the ends. It gives me added shine and I know the ingredients inside are helping to treat my hair at the same time. I prefer this on dry hair as opposed to wet, but if you have really fine hair  you might find it as a nice sealer for wet hair also.

Herbal Custard

The label says: Softens and thickens hair while increasing manageability. Keratin and Bamboo help to strengthen hair, while garlic assists in preventing breakage during styling. It naturally reduces frizz, and provides sleek, smooth tresses. No sticky, crunchy after feel.

I say: I really like this versatile styler in many ways. The one way I don't like it as a stand alone styler on wet hair. When used on wet hair all by itself, though it defined my curls and added some shine I still had frizz and puff so I need to use it under something which has more hold. I like to use it now on wet hair under a gel and I find it does give that added definition and shine still, but the gel helps my frizz and hold it in place. This custard is nice and moisturizing without being too much for my hair. I also like to use it on second or third day hair sometimes, especially in the dry months and winter, to add moisture back into the hair and treat it. As with most of the items in this line, a little goes a long way for me with this too.

To Sum it Up

I really can't say enough great things about this line from Nubian Heritage. If you are looking for affordable multi-tasking products that will moisturize, treat and repair the hair while adding shine, reducing frizz and helping with curl definition I think you will enjoy them too.

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