Original Moxie is a cruelty free line of hair care products for all different types of hair. The line was developed by Rachel Blistein, a beautiful curly girl who decided to create her own line of products out of frustration not finding products that worked well for her hair.

The brand's website says that "Rachel personally crafts each product, from customizing herbal infusions, to sourcing pure, natural ingredients and fine-tuning Moxie's iconic essential oil fragrances." All of the products are  made to nourish hair from the inside out and labeled with Original Moxie's 3-D Diagnostic System that helps you identify what products work best based on your hair's own density, curl pattern and dryness level. I have had the chance to play with quite a few products from this line, some of them are part of my Holy Grail list, so of course I wanted to review some products from the Original Moxie line for the NaturallyCurly community!

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Get Clean No Foam Shampoo

What They Say: Break your Foam Addiction!  Sulfates, the chemicals that produce heavy foam, also strip hair of its natural oils.  Our Sulfate- free Shampoo takes a gentler approach, harnessing the cleansing properties of Wild harvested Yucca Root & Soap nut to remove dirt and excess oil without disturbing your scalp’s natural balance. Gentle cleansing for normal to dry hair.

What I Say: It doesn't lather at all, which I don't mind. It leaves my hair feeling clean, soft and moisturized. To me, it is more of a co-wash than an actual shampoo. It smells a bit like chocolate mint, but not spot on. A great cleanser that doesn't leave my hair feeling squeaky clean or too stiff. 

Intense Quench Deep Conditioner

What They Say: "Most conditioners are like empty calories for your hair - a fleeting feeling of slippery goodness followed by disappointing results.  But our unique blend of botanicals, herbs, proteins and emollients is like a smoothie for your hair, nourishing from the inside out.  Hibiscus encourages strong growth and Strawberry adds shine.  Not only does it bathe your senses like a trip to the spa, it delivers stronger, softer and healthier hair. So give your thirsty hair what it really wants – Intense Quench™! For dry and damaged hair."

What I Say: It had a nice minty/fruity combo scent. I used this with and without heat and got positive results each time. This deep conditioner is not super heavy and thick, yet it is still very moisturizing. I did need a decent amount to thoroughly cover all my hair. It helped detangle my hair effortlessly and left my hair soft, smooth and prepped it very well for styling products. I like the combination of all the essential oils and butters in this. The one drawback to this deep conditioner for me is it does contain menthol which sometimes my scalp can react negatively to.

Emollience Pre Treatment

What They Say: "Hair that suffers from chronic dryness needs an extra boost to regain its luster.  Enriched with Cupuaçu Butter & Castor Oil, Emollience™ breaks the cycle to restore your hair’s natural shine and elasticity. After just one use, hair is noticeably softer, silkier and more vibrant.  That’s Mmm-hmmm-mollience! A penetrating oil treatment that restores the correct moisture balance to parched hair for extremely dry hair that needs help to recover from harsh environmental conditions or chemical treatments."

What I Say: A little goes a long way with this one. I used it overnight as a pre-poo treatment or if my ends look extra frizzy I would apply a little to dry hair to tame it. Unfortunately, I didn't really like the fragrance-- a bit strong and herbally for my personal taste. But as far as performance goes, it is an excellent moisturizing product. 

Oasis Moisture Gel

What They Say: "Has your hair lost its groove?  Get it back with this miracle treatment that restores life to damaged strands. The initials are ‘OMG’ for a reason! Sodium Lactate, a powerful, naturally occurring humectant, attracts moisture and binds it to the hair, creating a dramatic improvement in softness and body after just one use.  Who needs to live in a desert when you’ve got an Oasis™ at your fingertips? An oil-free, highly-concentrated humectant gel that restores moisture to dry hair and activates curls and waves. For hair that is brittle, dry or  damaged by chemical treatments. Also works great to add volume and moisture without weight to all hair types, including delicate, mature hair."

What I Say: This is a Holy Grail product for me. I can't use it on its own because it doesn't have enough hold for me, but when worn under a firm hold gel I love the added definition and incredible shine it provides for my waves. When I use this, I feel my hair looks super healthy and I like that it is repairing my hair all day long! It is a lightweight consistency and a little goes far. It has a unique scent that I am having a hard time putting my finger on--I don't dislike the scent but I also wouldn't say it smells amazing. 

Hold Up Defining Serum

What They Say: "Frizz doesn’t stand a chance against the strong hold and curl-plumping properties of this silicone-free styling concentrate. Water-resistant, crisp definition locks in your style and delivers multi-day hair that can withstand the elements. Shine-enhancing botanicals, plant-derived proteins, and penetrating humectants mean your hair will feel as good as it looks. So put your hands in the hair and keep those curls where we can see them – this is a Hold Up™! A silicone-free defining concentrate that softens and strengthens hair while offering strong hold and curl activation. Fine to thick ‘wavys’ and ‘curlys’ who seek curl plumping, lift, and strong hold."

What I Say: My other Holy Grail from this line. I like this a bit more than Oasis. If you want to try just one product from this brand, this should be it! When I use this, it helps eliminate steps in my after shower styling routine. I will use a leave in, this product then seal with an oil. I get excellent definition, shine and hold all in one with this one! It also greatly helps to reduce my frizz. I like that there are proteins in here so it is a treatment and styler in one. Another huge plus for me with this product is when I use it, my day 1 hair isn't as "puffy" as usual! A little goes far with this one too and has a delightful cucumber mint smell.

Shape Shifter Re-forming Crème

What They Say: "Change your look in one easy step!  Our unique floral wax formula helps your hair to bend and stretch – allowing you to go from kinky to curly or straight to wavy without chemicals.  Depending on your needs, this amazing product can lengthen and “de-poof” curls or add pliability and wave to thick, straight hair. As a bonus, this ultra-rich crème also deep conditions, detangles, & smoothes along the way.  An elasticizing and moisturizing cream gel. Thick, straight hair that needs more wave and thick, curly or kinky hair that needs more stretch."

What I Say: This is a unique product. My front hairline is a lot curlier than the rest of my head. Not only is it curlier, but the curls are very oddly shaped and wonky. I liked the idea of this crème to help loosen them up to match the rest of my hair. I used it on soaking wet hair prior to other stylers. It did help loosen the curls, but I still found I had to clip my hair to set it and I was hoping this crème would have eliminated that step. It did help to greatly "de-poof" my hair, as the claims mentioned and I really liked that part. I also like that it helps to treat my hair's poor elasticity. It has an herbally smell that I don't love, but the product has its benefits so I can get past that.

I hope my review of these Original Moxie products were helpful.

Believe it or not, there are still so many more products in this line other than what I mentioned here! If you are a product junkie on your holy grail quest, or if you just like trying new products, I urge you to give Original Moxie a chance. They even offer convenient trial sizes so you don't have to invest in full size when you don't know how your hair will react to something.