Do you have a date tonight, but your good hair day is turning into a bad hair night? We've got great curly hair tips for emergency date-hair fixes!

No time to fix your curls?

Hair Accessories

We have all had days when nothing is happening on time and feel like you are falling behind schedule from the minute you wake up. The worst part of this kind of day for me is at 7:00 pm when I have a dinner date. My curls are not in top date-night condition. And you guessed it—I don’t have time to go home. My emergency solutions to making my curls date-ready are hair accessories, aka hair candy. Headbands and decorative clips and combs are all great ways to make your curls look great.

I am having a great dinner date. My new hair product that I used this morning worked much better than I thought. I am sipping my wine wondering why he has not complimented my curls yet?

A few minutes later, looking in the bathroom mirror at the restaurant, I understand why. My hair looks terrible. My new hair product has not lasted all day. My bouncing curls are now a stringy, frizzy mess.

Thank goodness I have my emergency hair products stashed in my purse:

  1. For sad droopy curls I have Kevin Murphy’s Powder Puff. Use a few sprinkles at the roots to create volume.
  2. For stringy, frizzy curls I have a little bottle of leave-in conditioner. My favorite is Kinky-Curly Knot Today. I use a small amount and gently scrunch it into my curls. Then I use a paper towel for one final scrunch to absorb the last bits of the conditioner.
  3. If the curls are beyond repair my third and last option is to put the curls up. The Goody Simple Styles Updo Maker is always somewhere in my purse.

Panic situations

I’ve spent time making my hair look perfect. I’ve used my favorite combination of products and done all the styling tricks that make my curls just right. There are only three things that can ruin this effort and cause a hair panic attack:

  1. I get a text that he has rented a convertible for our special night out.
  2. We have had a nice dinner. It is still early and he wants to go for a walk on the beach.
  3. We are walking to a favorite restaurant and the weather changes. It starts to mist and get windy and we still have many blocks to go.

All of these situations are going to destroy the curls. A favorite hat or scarf is a safe solution. Pulling my hair back in messy bun or a ponytail are good too. I can imagine a nice wind blown look as well, but the curl reality is never as good as what I imagine.

Your purse might be heavy, but with these curly hair tips and fixes, you'll be ready for any date hair emergency.