Dry, damaged, and overly processed... head this way.

SheaMoisture is on fire releasing new lines this year. One of the lines, an exclusive to CVS stores nationwide, is the Jamaican Black Castor Oil Hair Collection. This collection contains products which address hair affected by the following:

  • product build-up
  • processing of hair with harsh chemicals
  • excessive heat styling damage
  • chemical treatments
  • harsh environmental conditions

The line is also being referred to as the "Strengthen, Grow and Restore" line. That alone made me want this stuff without even having more information as I am trying to grow my hair long and strong and restore the damage I do by coloring it.

The formula is ideal for all hair types and styles including dry, damaged, straightened, natural and transitioning and the products remedy breakage, dryness, and coarseness. When I read who this line was developed for, I felt my hair personally fit into so many of the categories, including dry, damaged and color treated, and I couldn't wait to test and play with this new collection.

The formula contains a proprietary blend of certified organic Shea Butter with rich fatty acids to deeply moisturize and condition, Jamaican Black Castor Oil with reparative omegas that promote healthy hair growth, Peppermint to stimulate the scalp to promote healthy growth, and other key beneficial natural and certified organic ingredients.  All of the products and sulfate free and color safe.

I am really impressed and happy with how these products perform, but my one complaint is the smell. Some of the products have a very weird, mint smell to me that I am not too fond of. BUT I am happy to report this smell is not as intense or strong when applied in the hair vs. smelling the bottle and even better, the smell doesn't linger!!

Watch my video review!

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Diane Mary

Just a girl passionate about beauty, a big hair product junkie who tries to keep her naturally curly wavy hair as healthy looking and nice as possible.