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In addition to the obvious health risks of bathing in chemical-rich water, the cosmetic effects are disastrous, especially for those of us with naturally curly locks. Chlorine wreaks major beauty havoc by stripping the natural protective oils from skin and hair, causing excess drying, which leads to frizz, and, even worse, advanced aging (gasp)! Fortunately, there are some simple and affordable options for protecting your hair, skin and overall health when sudsing up.

According to nationally-renowned hair stylist River Lloyd of the John Frieda Salon in New York, installing a shower filter, such as the award-winning model by Aquasana, and washing your hair in filtered water is one of the easiest and most effective ways to overcome “tress distress” and achieve gorgeous, soft and manageable hair.

Says Lloyd, “Washing hair in filtered tap water makes cuts, highlights and color last significantly longer by eliminating the harsh chemicals that strip out hair color and make hair look dull and dry. Even a few washes in tap water are enough to dull away any shine in the hair, and a few more washes will effect color saturation. Chlorine is an enemy to hair – it can turn beautiful hair into dull hair, and even the most natural-looking, processed blondes into pond-water blondes.”

On a heavier note, the President's Cancer Panel also recommends installing drinking water and shower water filters at home as one of the most important things you can do to protect yourself from developing cancer. Considering that skin is the body’s largest organ, it makes sense that a steamy shower would open up pores and allow rapid absorption of the chlorine and other dangerous chemicals and toxins in our tap water.

"The majority of Americans know that they should be filtering their drinking water,” says Todd Bartee, CEO of Aquasana. “However, they don't always realize that showering in unfiltered water is even more harmful.”

This is exactly why Aquasana, maker of award-winning water filters for the home, has made it their mission to make whole body ‘water health’ as easy, accessible, and economical as possible. Named a “Best Buy” by Consumers Digest for six consecutive years and “one of the seven healthiest new products for your home” by Health magazine in June 2010, Aquasana’s filters use a patented process to strip out more than 99% of the chlorine and other contaminants found in tap water while preserving its healthiest elements, including calcium, magnesium, iron and potassium. Simply put, they take out the bad and leave the good.

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