Oh the horror! Have you ever dreamed your hair was straightened against your wishes? Let us know!

It's dark. I'm snuggled safely in a bed that looks like mine but there's no other furniture in the room. "Hmmm, that's strange," I think as I drift off to sleep. My eyes flutter and I fight the urge to sleep—something is wrong, but I just can't figure out what.

Why is my door cracked open? Did I leave it like that? I never usually leave my door open...

Something is oddly wrong with this picture, but I fall into a deep slumber anyway. I wake up what seems days later. I'm stumbling out of bed and lift my arm to scratch my head and stretch. Wait. Something's wrong. My hair. It's flat. And I don't mean bed head. It's . . . straight. SOMEONE PUT A RELAXER IN MY HAIR WHILE I WAS ASLEEP!

My mind races. Tears blur my vision. This is too horrifying to be true. Two years happily nappy and it's all down the drain, right along with that relaxer concoction. "My life is over," I yell to the sky. I can't go on anymore. What's the point? Sure, I complained about how long it takes to detangle and how expensive natural ingredients are, but that didn't mean I didn't love my natural coils! Now I have to start all over. WHY HAVE THE GODS DONE THIS TO ME! I catch a glimpse of bone-straight, deep-brown hair brushing my shoulders. This is what I look like now.

Straight One
Straight Two

My straight hair circa 2008. It went through cycles of growth and breakage, hence the "bangs". I had to rock them somehow

In slow motion, I see myself collapse.

Before I hit the floor, I sit straight up in my bed, sweating. I look around to make sure I'm not still dreaming. Wait. I was dreaming? There's only one way to be sure . . . I race to the bathroom, flick on the lights and see it in all its coily tangled glory: my afro smooshed perfectly on the side I sleep on. I wouldn't have it any other way.

Yes, the straight hair nightmare exists.

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I've had these! When I was a kid I used to have curly hair dreams, I had straight hair until puberty but wanted curls and always dreamt about them turning curly. Now I have nightmare that it might grow in straight! I also have damaged hair nightmares and hair color nightmares (from the times I bleached my hair and colored it jet black). Then I wake up, run to the mirror, and sigh a huge sigh of relief that it was all but a dream.

I had a dream someone put perm in my my hair conditioner as a prank, and I whooped they a@$ and when I woke up I was angry lol this post really made my day lol

I've had two! I don't remember the first one, but in the second one I was with my dad, and I had run my hands through my hair. It was straight and thick. I was like, "Dad, when did I get a relaxer?!?!" He was so cool about it lol like, "last week. you don't remember?" I woke up horrified. 0_o

My problem isn't a dream, but reality. My stylist, sisters, and even my grandmother keep trying to talk me into getting a relaxer, lol. My granny actually asked me when I wore a fro why I didn't comb my hair before walking out of the door because you never know when you're going to meet your husband. I almost cried laughing. My dad is the only one who seems to be completely on board with my natural. Now, I do straighten my hair, but I also wear it curly because I like it and I've actually stopped going to the salon (I only go to get my ends clipped) because I can do my hair all on my own.

I thought that was the ONLY one to have this dream! I had a dream the my best friend relaxed my hair. The strange thing is my hair was long and curly when she was done! I was still very angry with her in the dream. When I woke up I had to pat my kinky-Curly TWA to make sure it was still there!

I've had many. There's one where I'm in a salon getting my natural hair done and without my knowledge the hair dresser some how put a relaxer on my hair. I was so mad and yelling something about four years worth of hair down the drain.

i had a straight nightmare a few weeks ago. I literally woke up in tears until i touched my hair to make sure the dream wasnt real.

I've had those straight hair nightmares. I mean my heart is pumping fast.

I thought I was the only one too! I had a dream I was in the kitchen watching my mom relax my sister's hair. And my mom who is natural put some of the left over "perm" on her hair. She then came to me and say " This is good perm we shouldn't waste it!" and put it on my head. I felt my hair get weaker by the minute. I woke up and caressed my bantu knots.

I have also hair nightmares where my curly hair got straightened.