Taylor Swift wore her hair straight to the CMT awards

Taylor Swift

Beloved curly girl Taylor Swift opted for a straighter look at last night's CMT awards.

Ms. Swift strutted her stuff last night with a straight 'do for the red carpet at the CMT awards.  Swift has always embraced her curly locks, but as of late has been seen sporting a straighter style. Is this slowly becoming her standard go-to 'do, or is she simply exercising her rights to flatten things out?

You be the judge; which do you prefer on this country crooner? Tell us in the comments section below.


I love her hair curly, especially when its like really big and curly like how she used to wear it on her 1st record. She's gorgeous no matter what!

I think straightening her haur really shows off the length, but she looks a little angry in this picture. I personally like her curly air better.

Definitely curls. curly_locks got it right when she said with straight hair, she looks like just another blond girl.

HER DRESS IS WHAT'S ROCKIN'. Her straight hair looks nice, but it's so flat in comparison to her curls. She looks less interesting like this. I agree with Michelle; she looks like an "anonymous pop singer".

I like her curly hair more. With her straight hair she looks like another blonde girl. Her curly hair makes her different.

I don't think she looks "trampy". Besides, its her hair and she looks good either way. sometime you want to experiment. Freedom is freedom.

i like both, but i think she just straightened her hair just to try it out. i dont think shes gonna keep doing it i mean come on! this article is whack! i straighten my hair for special occasions and dont get gossiped about!

she looks so much more unique and stylish with her waves and curls. straight not so much.

curly. definitely.

I say curly. It frames her face better I think. I love her dress though!

i like it better when she has it curly...

While it's great to have options, I think she looks so much better with curls! They are one of the things that make her so unique! She looks like any other anonymous pop singer in this photo - a little trampy if you ask me!