When you have hair that wants to pull straight without the right type of encouragement, finding curl defining products is a must. With so many products claiming to have curl defining abilities, it’s hard to know what’s going to give you bouncy defined curls and what’s going to leave you falling flat. After trying many different types of products all with the same claim, these are my top 5 curl defining products for naturally wavy type 2 hair. You can get most of these (and other curl defining products) in Curlmart

#1 Raw Curls Mousse

I have not had such a love affair with a mousse since my pre curly girl days. After realizing what horrible results I used to get I pretty much swore off mousse all together, that was until I found the Raw Curls mousse!  This product has the ability to give me lift and definition and leaves my hair feeling soft and looking shiny. This has never left my curls feeling weighed down and with ingredients that are 100% natural/organic and no alcohol, it’s given me a new outlook on mousse.

#2 Kinky Curly Curling Custard

One of the most finicky yet most rewarding products I have tried out. As with many curly girls I normally plan to use a fair amount of any product on my curly locks to get them tamed, but with this product a little goes a very long way! After finding the careful balance of how much to use with this product, it opened up a world of crisp, defined curls like I have never seen before. If your search is for a product that will bring out each curl to stand out on its own, look no further than this custard!

# 3 ISO Bouncy Crème

This was the very first curly girl friendly crème I bought when I started my journey so naturally I have a soft spot for it.  Beyond my fond memories of this product making my hair look like waves/curls for the first time, it actually does pack a punch. This is a do it all crème, it adds shine, moisture and at the same time gives you definition and texture in your curls. This is my go to product for a simple wash and go day where I don’t want to find myself spending too much time fussing over styling my hair.

#4 Miss Jessie’s Jelly Soft Curls

A gel is a wonderful product to really help define your curls, however, it can leave curls dry and crunchy. With the jelly soft curls that is not a concern, this product gives you the hold of a gel without the crunch. This is one of the few gels that I can actually use without anything underneath, it leaves my hair feeling soft and defined without much additional work.

#5 As I am Leave in Conditioner

The first step to getting truly defined curls is to make sure they are moisturized, that is why a leave in conditioner makes my list. This leave-in will moisturize your curls without weighing them down. For curlies who prefer not to use too much product but still want their curls to be defined and healthy, a leave in conditioner is where to turn.

What's your favorite defining hair product for type 2 wavy hair?