Your alarm didn’t go off, you are running late and your ends look a mess, in this time of desperation a quick hairstyle is needed to control your hair and to tuck in those ends. Why not try a big messy bun? This messy bun is quick, cute and it will keep your ends safely tucked and away from any possible split end hazards.

What you need

  • Bobby pins

  • Hair tie

  • Edge control product (optional)

What to do

  1. Put your hair into a tight high ponytail

  2. Slick back your edges, if you want

  3. Split ponytail into 3 sections

  4. Take one section and wrap it around the other sections in a donut shape and pin down the ends

  5. Wrap the second section around the donut and pin those ends down

  6. Grab your last section and wrap it around the previous donuts and pin those ends down.

Watch the tutorial

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