See the many ways you can use coconut oil for curly hair care and more!

You may know that coconut oil is a popular ingredient for natural hair care products, but do you know what makes it such a miracle oil? There are many ways you can use coconut oil for curly hair care, but its usefulness goes beyond that. Check out the infographic to find out more!

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The Many Uses of Coconut Oil Infographic

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Once again NC, another article with erroneous info! Tsk Tsk Tsk! Hair growth: Coconout Oil does not 'promote hair growth'-hair growth is caused by genetics (INSIDE the body), not topical solutions (OUTSIDE the body). Pure, unrefined CO does not yield the "best results". This nugget is important in cooking (for taste) but not for hair/skin care. The benefits of lauric acid in CO are still present in refined CO. CO is a high heat oil, so it takes a lot of heat in the extraction process to destroy the good parts of CO. CO is excellent for hair as a pre-shampoo treatment and on freshly washed hair-NO HEAT NEEDED! Where do you get this info from?? Sealant: CO is NOT the best oil to use as a sealant. If it penetrates the hair shaft, HOW can it be an effective sealant? That does not make sense. Jojoba Oil is a very good sealant since it does NOT penetrate the hair shaft. All of the above has research & science to back it up. It is not something posted on YouTube or some blog. PLEASE begin to do your research prior to posting bad articles like the above. Shame shame shame!

I love coconut oil! When my hair feels dry I mist my hair with H2O + CO. Then I warm a nail tip of pure coconut oil between my hands and smooth and scrunch it in my hair. It adds shine ánd volume! It's the only oil that can do that for my fine-medium hair.