The Wedding Dress and the 'Do

2011-02-23 11:57:25

The Wedding Dress and the 'Do

How to find the perfect match – dress and hairstyle – for your wedding day.

Style #7108 from Simone Carvalli


STYLE: A dramatic dress that hugs your curves from the bust to the knee, then flares out to the hem.

BEST SUITED FOR: Wavy to Curly

This alluring gown looks best with hair in beautiful waves, letting them flow like the sea’s cascading currents.

“This dress is very romantic, allowing for a lot of movement,” says Christo, noting that brides with tighter curls may want to consider softening the spirals into waves.

His style suggestion? Create a little height at the crown, gather one side of your loose curls or waves and sweep them back with a flower, then let it be!

Consider a richly fragrant, beautiful bloom like a wild gardenia, calla lily, magnolia, or the ever-romantic rose.

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Teri Evans

Teri Evans

Like Regina posted. It's not Victorian or Renaissance. Dresses with the waist just below the bust are called Regency or Empire since they were fashionable from the French Revolution through the early 1820s. Victorian is the big hoop skirt like in Civil War pictures--Not Sense and Sensibility. I might be too picky but making a mistake like that so early in the piece makes me want to discredit the rest of what you are saying.
Could anyone tell me the designer of the wedding dress in the first picture of this article- the empire waist, "Renaissance style dress"? And info on the headpiece would be wonderful too. That is my perfect dress!
Okay, the section on empire dresses cracks me up. It's a Renaissance Victorian dress, like from Sense and Sensibility? Jane Austin's Sense and Sensibility was set in the Regency era... which came before the Victorian era (which actually didn't have as much in the way of empire waists), and after the Renaissance. Just so you know.