Have you seen the viral video Sh*t Girls Say About Their Hair on YouTube? Hair care brand Aussie and actor Graydon Sheppard released it back in January of this year, and now they've hit the Internet with a part two:

#DitchTheDrama –and the Dryer

Aussie celebrity stylist Sarah Potempa is making it easy to join the Air Dry Revolution with expert tips, tricks and styles to transform wet hair into awesome air-dried hairstyles.

Sheppard is the original creator of the Sh*t Girls Say video series. He has joined forces with one of the biggest accessible hair product brands to inspire and encourage women all around the world to unplug.

Celebrity stylist Sarah Potempa is also offering tips with their 3 Minute Miracle Collection, which consists of the number one selling deep conditioner in America right now, 3 Minute Miracle Deep Conditioner. This deep conditioner happens to be very popular in the curl community, and Aussie Moist conditioner has slip for days - so you could call us Aussie fan girls.

"The most important step to achieve beautiful air-dried hair is to start with a healthy base,” says Potempa. “Choose the right conditioner for your hair texture. This will help leave your hair smoother after it air-dries.” For curly girls this is especially important, and we'd add that the right moisturizer is just as important.

The hashtag being used on social media is #DitchTheDrama and the initiative is aimed towards encouraging women to embrace their 'aussome hair' by taking the minimalist route and eliminating lengthy, complicated hair routines.

As curly girls, we don't often blow dry our hair unless we have a diffuser on the end or our finger on the cold air button, and many of us ditched heat tools entirely long ago. But for women who have yet to embrace their curls and still blow dry their hair straight on the regular, we're hoping they give dryer-less living a try to see how it works for them.

Do you use a blow dryer as part of your routine?

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