Oftentimes when we curlies leave the salon, we often love the way our hair looks. However, when we are on your own to do our own hair it never seems to look exactly the same. We talked to Anna at Trashy Roots Salon in Round Rock, Texas, about 5 quick tips to help all curlies get the salon-perfect hair they long for.

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1. Watch what your stylist is doing

When you are in the chair, pay attention! If you want to replicate the same look, you need to know exactly what they are doing. Ask questions, and if you are confused on how they are getting your curls to lay perfectly, have them demonstrate it in a manner you can do at home.

2. Products are key

You can’t always replicate the same look if you are using products off of the grocery store shelf. Ask your stylist what products she recommends before you leave the salon so you can achieve the same style. Quality can be key!

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3. Practice makes perfect

No one masters a stylist’s technique right off of the bat. The perfect amount of diffusing or even using your finger to add definition to your curl all takes practice so make sure you put in the hours! Keep in mind if you are trying a different technique and you have an event to attend, practice days in advance so you can nail the look.

4. Do what your stylist said

Many times stylists tell us what to do and then we do it differently, whether it be because we forgot or we don’t have the time. If you are trying to add volume to your hair or enhance your curls, make sure you do it exactly the way the stylist described. They are the professionals!

5. Book a styling appointment if needed

Sometimes it’s really difficult to get a look down after the first try. If you are having a hard time, call your stylist and book an appointment specifically to go over the styling. They can walk you though what you need to do and give you suggestions you might have missed the first time.