Our video blogger search has been a success. Check out the current submissions.

Our hunt to find five new video bloggers has paid off!

We have some amazing videos submitted and we are very excited to show off our contestants for the video blogger search! The videos below are published in the order they were received. The last video listed was received by 12pm on 1/28. Any videos received after 12pm on 1/28 will be added on 1/31.

Don't forget to promote the heck out of your video—on your Facebook page, via YouTube, your friends—just get the word out. We’ll consider your total video views among other things when choosing our winners.

Contest ends February 2, 2011, and our five winners will be announced on February 14, 2011.

Learn more about the contest here.

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Submitted by LolaKinkz:

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Submitted by: caramelsyrup25

Submitted by: MrsJHen2

Submitted by: hairparty08

Mandy Robinette

That is so true, I also like to see some more type 2's. But I love this contest, and it is great watching other peoples lovely curls

love the new contestants but I have a complain to do. I would like to see more vbloggers with type 2 hair. I have type 4a kynky hair but is sometimes good to see what the girls with type 2 are doing so I can recomend it to some of my friends