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The summer months can pose interesting problems when trying to figure out how best to do your hair. If you live somewhere where the average temperature is 97 degrees or higher (like it is here in Austin) and the humidity rarely falls below 97 percent, finding a summer hair care regimen to fit your needs can be an adventure.

I will admit that once I find products that I love and know will work, I tend to stick to them, which makes the summer even harder, because I typically have to switch it up. My one and only disclaimer is that I am between a 2B and 2C, so a lot of the products that I use don't necessarily work for other hair types.

Wavy Summer Hair Care

Below is my current summer hair regimen that I rely on every other day. Its gotten me through the last month and a half, and I typically tweak it every summer, because what good is a summer day if you don't love the way your hair looks?

  1. Style: During the cooler months of the year (whatever that means here in Texas) I use either a foam or mousse to hold my wave and keep me as frizz-free as possible. During the summer, however, I need something that is heavier like a gel. My go-to gel is the DevaCurl AnGel because it's not too heavy, smells delicious and keeps my curls frizz free for the entire day. I usually use 3 pumps on the under side of my hair and 3 and scrunch away.
  2. Spritz: One of my best friend's is the John Frieda Frizz-Ease Dream Curls Curl Perfecting Spray. I discovered it last year when I was on vacation and needed something I could easily use after some time at the beach to spruce up the locks. I spray it all around my hair after using my gel, give my hair a good flip upside down and do a final scrunch.
  3. Air dry: When it's cold out, I use a diffuser because my hair is never dry by the time I'm ready to leave in the morning, and I'd rather use heat than get sick. One of the benefits of 101 degree weather is that my hair dries pretty quickly, especially when I am going to spend the day outside. I skip the diffuser on most days during the summer and give my hair a break.
  4. Sleep on silk: During the process of embracing my natural hair, I have made many new friends. One of my softest and most effective is my silk pillowcase. I use that thing every night and if I'm leaving the house for whatever reason and am going to be sleeping elsewhere, I take it with me. It is the only way I can wake up and just use a little water to refresh my hair. My silk pillowcase is responsible for my excellent second day hair, and I'm eternally grateful.

One of my favorite things about my summer regimen is that it doesn't take more than 10 minutes. For me, summer means quick and easy while still being able to go out in public and look like I did at least take some time getting ready. Finding a good leave-in conditioner is also key for me on day when I'll be swimming a lot, and throwing a deep condition into the mix also never hurt a gal.

Final Thoughts

If any other wavies out there have a second, I'd love for you to share your summer hair care regimens or staple summer products. I already admitted that I like to stick to things once I love them, but I'm also ready and willing to try anything at least three times. I have a feeling that a lot of you have some great tips that I have never even considered. Wave on ladies!

Do you have tips on creating a successful summer regimen?