Fact: Curly hair needs more moisture than other hair types.

We retain moisture from our diet and the products we treat our hair with every time we wash and style. On some of our busier days, we just can’t seem to get every step of the regimen in. If you simply want to make the best of your second day hair by keeping your natural wavy texture moisturized, there is a product for that now.

What is dry conditioner?

Dry conditioner has now arrived to the market of hair care products–not too long after the glorious comeback of dry shampoo. According to professional celebrity stylist Jennifer MacDougall, dry conditioner is perfect for those who get frequent blowouts and want to maintain their style for two to three days before washing again.

“Dry conditioner is the perfect refresher for the ends, especially for someone who has medium to thick hair,” says MacDougall. It’s also a great product for those who want to wear their hair up or in a ponytail. The conditioner helps to add some sheen, revive ponytails, and extends the style of your hair for another day or two. It can also help with flyaways and getting rid of static on dry climate days.

How it works

A dry conditioner product is a suspension of oils and nutrients in a powder-mist/aerosol form, it does just about the same job that your “wet” conditioner does, except this one won’t mess up your locks and style. So, if you’re trying to make the most of that blow out, this is your new best friend. Dry conditioner won’t soak up oil, like dry shampoo, but it will deliver shine and moisture to dry and coarse locks.

For  the days that you’re in a rush, or simply don’t feel like getting your hair wet, dry conditioner can be the “Go to” product you’re looking for.  “Dry conditioner adds shine to ends, separates the strands and revives the hair,” says MacDougall. “Usually dry conditioner contains oils and are aerosol. They help hydrate and add shine and texture to dry hair without wetting the hair.”

Dry conditioner is great for those who like rocking a messy bun look on days old hair. Section your hair into 4 parts, spray the dry conditioner (which is a lightweight, dry mist”> onto each section, twist each section gently or scrunch carefully. This will give your wavy hair a more natural, tousled appearance–even on dirty hair.

“I enjoy dry conditioners as a finish,” says celebrity stylist and Pantene ambassador Danilo. “They enhance and texturize while doing good by your hair at the same time. They are also a great way to get fresh hair to achieve an undone, tousled finish and a great way to give lackluster hair a pump up without a full shampoo, condition, and blowout. You can first use dry shampoo and then dry conditioner on clean or dirty hair.”

But does it work?

There are already a number of dry conditioners out there to try. Here’s what curlies have to say about how dry conditioner have performed on their hair.

Kardashian Beauty Take 2 Dry Conditioner, $14.99; available at Ulta stores

“So happy to have discovered this. i was in the market for a fine mist shine spray. one that wasn’t a hair spray but also wasn’t a “dry oil” which i find to be too heavy on my hair. i gave this a shot and am so pleased. I was hoping the scent would be a bit more vanilla/warm spicy for some reason maybe because of the packaging but it has a very strong floral rose scent. Almost a bit old-fashioned to be honest, but the product itself works great. Gave lots of shine without grease. Perfect to freshen up dry ends or smooth down frizz at roots. Packaging also looks luxurious. Great product just wish the scent was a bit more sexy/spicy and less grandma.” Ulta reviewer

L’Oréal Professionnel Next Day Hair, $25.50; available at drugstores

“Amazing product! So versatile for different looks, love it!!” Feefo reviewer

TIGI Rockaholic Dirty Secret Dry Conditioner, $8.08; available at Target stores

“Have actually never heard of dry conditioner before, only dry shampoo, but love this brand! Works amazing and doesn’t leave my hair greasy.” reviewer

“This dry conditioner is great. Nice and shiny ends- no frizz, doesn’t make my hair look oily. A bit of bounce. The only cons about it are: price (too high”>, and the fact that my dry shampoo (Dove”> smells about 100x better than the TIGI conditioner does.” reviewer

Suave Professionals Dry Conditioning Spray, $3.39; available at drugstores

“I was hoping that it would do more actual conditioning, but it is perfectly serviceable as a hair de-funkifier. More hair perfume than anything else. I have shoulder length kinky curly hair there doesn’t appear to be any sort of aerosol product that has the reviving and conditioning properties that I need for my hair.” reviewer

“This is great, lots of shine if you shampoo daily. I found that is makes my hair sort of gummy if applied without a fresh shampoo. I usually shampoo every four days.” reviewer

Pantene Aqua Light Weightless Conditioning Shake, $6.25; available at

“This product really put my hair under control, its not oily or greasy but super light, your hair look natural. The only bad thing is that is hard to find at the stores.” reviewer

“This Pantene conditioner untangles my wet hair without breaking it. If you blow dry or use a curling iron it is heat resistant. Your hair will feel very fresh and clean instead of greasy and heavy like most conditioners do. I am pleased with this product.” reviewer

Will you be trying dry conditioner? If you already have, weigh in below on whether it worked for you.


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